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A Dream

I had a dream
A dream that racism and sexism
Became a thing of the past
But they last

I had a hope
Of one world and one peace… 80 more words

Wired to Love

Recently, someone showed me a video of a Coca Cola Commercial that was really heartwarming. It was based on the India & Pakistan conflict. Basically, Coca Cola set up these “friendship machines” in a busy mall in both countries. 242 more words

Living & Writing

The Pope assures that Athiests go to heaven.



According to the Bible, everyone needs to receive Christ as their own personal Saviour, to have their sins forgiven by Him, to enter heaven and avoid hell. 477 more words

The New Age

What's Wrong With This Picture?

There will be two, maybe three, more posts going up to the 15th August.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?

Does the girl look Chinese? 413 more words


andromeda65 reblogged this on andromeda 65 and commented:

I wish I could express my anger against all this racial pettiness as eloquently as you have, Rajiv.....

The Name Game Of Survivor

Feature Monday is here and today Ozlet Ivan Ornelas takes a look at some of the more common first names in the history of Survivor… 1,309 more words



Imagine a time when this Earth will be heavenly. A time when the Earth will be healed and sadness turned to Joy. Imagine a time of New world order where Peace rules and people do not need to spend huge budgets on war and destruction. 38 more words

God's Kingdom