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Cry out Sania (Mirza) but not like a baby, LIKE A WOMAN

Dear Sania

Just encountered you weeping in response to questions posed by Barkha Dutt and I felt she was just rubbing in things with the loud questioning, though trying to show solidarity as a woman. 414 more words

Making Peace


God is all colours

And He is no colour,

For He lives in the black

And He lives in the white.

He lives in the mixed,red… 123 more words


A Little Late To Report, We Admit, But It's Well Worth It... The Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

When Qantas released images of their new lounge in Hong Kong back in April, we wanted to dig a little deeper into the design ethos of the new lounge, brought to us by Sumu Design, an architecture and interior design company based in Australia. 1,264 more words


"Your life may be a struggle...but for some it's worse"

I’ve been wanting to say something regarding the hell on Earth being leashed on our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, the Palestinians but I didn’t really know how to go about it. 513 more words

My Thoughts



my house  burned at the even fall,

Oh but the irony;

how from the distance,

I  kept mistaking,

the hue of the flames,

for the twilight


Welcome To Our World

The Ocean covers more than 70% of our earth and the creatures that live there are the subjects of the videos that I share with you all. 107 more words



The devil works on our lives everyday, But it’s up to us to cast him away,
The best thing to do is pray,
To forgive and let go because why would you want animosity to stay. 304 more words