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Haiku #57 - Lullaby

Young rabbit dozes

in sun-melted buttercups

bees hum lullaby.

(c) 2014 Betty Hayes Albright



I sometimes employ

the feminine pronoun

when addressing


keeping in view

The Essence


-Ibn al-Arabi

(d. 1240)




Earth Mother's Loving Message

Speak To Me Dear Mother…

From my heart I reveal to you now the greatest of all love and admiration.    

Forever a part of your heart and soul…we are entwined.    

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O Destroyer of Fear, this is Your Ceremony of Light....

Upon that cosmic plate of the sky, the sun and the moon are the lamps.

The stars and their orbs are the studded pearls.

The fragrance of sandalwood in the air is the temple incense, and the wind is the fan. 188 more words

Unity Of Faiths