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I wish every person in this world could spend a few days in outer space for the purpose of seeing the bigger picture and getting the chance to realize that we - the earth and every living being – are ONE. 26 more words

A Little Reminder

Fractals of Life

I became fascinated with fractals many years ago when I came across two wonderful photography books on nature: Patterns in the Wild and By Nature’s Design… 470 more words


Love without contrast

Why do you get irritated at somebody or something? Because you´ve forgotten, how much you love that somebody or something.

I´m not talking about the love, that can only be seen as a contrast to hate. 160 more words


redeemer divinity sweet

Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.
~ Walt Whitman

divinity is not a language
of the mind, but a gift… 127 more words


Wake Up

Why do we enjoy things
when they are
Sing lyrics, give kisses,
and smile after
they move on.

Everything is beautiful
only after we know… 93 more words

Doubt Blocks

It is doubt that keeps
us from moving into the Force.
We must establish our intent
then proceed, banishing doubt,
opening to allow Spirit
to come through. 29 more words