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OneNote: Do The Math

OneNote has a lot of hidden gems you just take for granted. One of those gems which often puts a smile on my face is OneNote doing the math for me. 205 more words


What is OneNote and Why Use It?

You take notes during meetings, brainstorming, or research – you write your notes on Post-its or in a notebook and later transfer that information into a file or email.   400 more words


OneNote Class Notebook on Sharepoint

Well it’s been some time since I updated this blog for one reason or another. In that time myself and our network manager have been developing SharePoint for use around the school. 600 more words


Never-Ending Notes!

No, I don’t think notes should be never-ending, good god the tedium!  However, note taking is a part of education, but it doesn’t have to be limited by the size of your sheet of paper. 246 more words


One Experiment

Back in the good old days
OneNote is evolving rapidly. When i started using OneNote there was one version which shipped with the Microsoft Office suite. 421 more words


How to Add Links in OneNote 2013

We live in a connected world, so the ability to add links is a valuable skill for students and teachers alike. Here’s how to add links to notes in my favorite note taking app – the Windows desktop version of OneNote 2013. 516 more words


Intro to Onenote

Do you know anyone who doesn’t wish that they had more time? Anyone who wants to be busier than they are now? Anyone who easily accomplishes all of the things on their list every day and can go to bed knowing that they didn’t miss a single thing? 344 more words

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