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Supporting Friends With A Purpose...

People will not support your dream or understand your process until they themselves decide to pursue a similar dream and begin their process. Only then will they look for you. 122 more words


Belize, Part 1

Four and a half years ago I spent sixteen days in the Belizean rain forest. I’m not talking hotels and taxis, here, I’m talking about living in a tent on a few-acres of clearing in the middle of the jungle. 1,194 more words

Flash Nonfiction

Reasons why talking to oneself isn't bad.

Why it’s good to talk to oneself.

Talking to yourself, according to me, i.e. self proclaimed professional on diagnosing amusing idiosyncrasies, has a number of benefits. 431 more words

"Ask yourself this."

Alongside our silly mindgame with identity here,
we recommend a cup of black, hot coffee and this to play along.


The Definition of Oneself

Never let someone else define how important you really are. 
What you do is what defines you. How you act and behave 
with different kinds of people, that's what defines you. 173 more words

Demon in me.

We all have demons living inside us. Some times we think we know them but sometimes we are mistaken.

I was little

And the demon too. 67 more words


Who Are You?

I truly believe this is the hardest question you can ask yourself, because there is no right or wrong answer.

Sure, you can look at the question in a broadened spectrum, and classify yourself with gender, nationality, and even occupation, but… 348 more words