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I realize now that I actually started long ago. The day my father’s words woke me up to the reality of the situation I was living in. 577 more words


Unrecognized Faith.....

Our daily Life runs on unrecognized ‘FAITH’ which we all have without knowing ourselves. This simple faith carries us through what ever those Never ending Dilemmas, sufferings, longings, perfectly to the end with an astounding clarity and impeccable perfection. 53 more words


I used to despair of ever finding a listener as good as me. Someone I could talk to for a change. Not that I knew how to talk at this point. 625 more words



So I know I mentioned that I learned to isolate myself at a very young age.  Reading “The Path to Love” by Deepak Chopra helped me understand some of this. 907 more words


Life and love is full of uncertainty. It’s a risky business. You break people’s heart and sometimes you break even your own heart.



Any “Inspiration” that’s comes from others is worth pursuing and integration, and its always branded as imitation.  Any inspiration that’s comes from within oneself is worth for living. 8 more words

Eleven things I would say now to my sixteen year-old self

Wow. I got a pit in my stomach as I wrote that.

High school wasn’t my favorite time in life. It was one of my least favorite actually. 254 more words