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Bacon-Wrapped Pork Medallions with Grilled Veggies

Charlotte had trimmed some limbs off the crab-apple tree today, so I cut them up into small enough pieces to stick into the trash can. While this was going on, Laci and her friend, Juliana, cooked up some bacon-wrapped pork medallions with grilled veggies for supper for all of us. 262 more words



I’m an introvert, and I have layers.

It has taken years for me to understand why I do different things and think a certain way and I know I still have so much to learn about myself. 398 more words


Stand By Your Beds!

Another sunny evening on the shire (allotment) and all is well. The squashes and courgettes continue to blossom; I’m sure when I stop weeding, I can actually hear them grow. 311 more words


Vintage Gold Rush Meat Balls

I found this antique in my box of recipes, hand-typed on a yellowing, partially disintegrated index card. My great-grandmother developed this recipe, and it is no doubt the origin of the… 313 more words


Saving Seed: Onion

About a month ago I pulled up my onions some of which went to seed. Below is an onion flower head in May…

and this is what the same flower head looks like today.  188 more words

Baked Spinach Cheese and Corn - An entry for the IFBM and Freedom Tree Baking Contest

So I am getting greedy! Well why shouldn’t I, when my greed just makes me bake and blog more and improves my chances of winning some stunning bakeware by… 464 more words