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Why is it important to add Closed Captions to videos?

In today’s blog, Instructional Designer Andy Houghton gives an insight into the importance of closed captions in making your video content more accessible to a larger audience. 46 more words


Creating captions for Youtube videos

YouTube has offered automatic captions for years on many of the videos it hosts, with text generated by the same speech recognition algorithms used by other services like  49 more words


What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die?

(HOUSTON) — When our loved ones pass away, their books and record albums will often be passed down to the next generation.

But we’re getting to the point when those books and albums will no longer be available in hard form — only in digital form. 221 more words


Ask the Meadmaker

We are pleased to announce that by the end of today every single Ask the Meadmaker episode will be fully Closed Captioned!



Sport and the injustices to society

Former Sheffield United player Ched Evans will soon finish a jail term that saw him convicted for rape. His imminent return to the English football scene has not been welcomed lightly. 884 more words


When journalists report too much information...

Robin Williams’ death shocked the world.

This charismatic, humorous actor shone a bright light into the living rooms of households, and on the large screens of cinemas across the world. 708 more words