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Magazines Are Killing The User Experience

It’s Pet Peeve Tuesday here at WhatItAllBoilsDownTo HQ and even though I have talked about news sites and engagement before, this time I’d like to point out the ways some online magazines are shooting themselves in the foot. 349 more words


Ad Buyers to Become Robots, Sort of...

The term programmatic ad buying is popping up more and more lately among modern marketers. Despite the new found buzz, the process is one that’s been making strides in the marketing technology landscape for the past decade, perhaps longer. 465 more words


Light Up Your World.

Solar Energy

This was my first 3D render in photoshop, so it’s a nice milestone to have completed something completely new and unfamiliar. The energy drink idea was a fun take on the concept, however it caused some confusion about what the ad was about. 10 more words

Ad Ideas

Who are your brand evangelists?

As a business owner and marketing strategist, you still need to know precisely who your most loyal brand followers are because most likely, they could be your staunchest brand evangelists.

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Content Marketing

Why advertise online?

Advertising on Facebook and Google is a good way to reach many people in your target audience. You can optimize your advertisements to directly appear to people in a particular region. 105 more words

TV Online: Why Networks Still Don't Get It

Last night, a few hours before the latest episode of my favorite TV doctor drama was going to air a new episode, I realized that I’d missed last week’s episode and, being the loyal viewer that I am, I should probably catch up before watching the new one live. 351 more words