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Trainspotting: The Subcultural Struggle

Totah (on the importance of the soundtrack): “Although Danny Boyle, Andrew Macdonald and John Hodge — Trainspotting’s production team — were not members of the Underground themselves, they attempted to represent the “ 371 more words

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Irvine Wesh: Doesn't Regret Choosing Life

Do you think characters like Begbie from Trainspotting resonate with today’s audiences more than, say, Mark or Spud; that the perceived threat of the waster in the 90s has now morphed into rioters and violent protest groups? 428 more words

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Trainspotting Extras: Disc 2

Disc 2

The first feature on the second disc is the Retrospective. This is broken up into four parts, the first two of which are broken up into Then and Now portions. 637 more words

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Trainspotting Extras: Disc 1

First up is an interesting commentary track from director Danny Boyle, star Ewan McGregor, producer Andrew McDonald, and screenwriter John Hodge. McGregor starts the commentary off explaining that it has been pieced together from various interviews conducted with the participants back in 1996. 384 more words

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Scottish Culture

Source: Dassalmighty, November 2011, (video file), 2011.

“‘Trainspotting’ has left a lasting legacy, and one that is far more positive than many would give it credit for, and this is due to a mix of language and representation. 127 more words

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The Acid House: Cast

Shenk: “Director Paul McGuigan calls the film an “urban fairy tale,” not the stuff of Disney, but real fairy tales, which grind through primal themes of passion and abjection. 121 more words

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Filth: Cast

Birchenough: “The setting is Nineties Edinburgh, and his character, dodgy policeman Bruce Robertson, has a Machiavellian genius for getting one over on his copper colleagues, until his addiction-fuelled luck runs out, and he comes crashing down. 61 more words

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