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Citizens without frontiers (2012)

Engin Isin, Citizens without frontiers, Open Democracy: Free thinking for the world, 15 October 2012

Movements without frontiers are neither commercial nor protected. In fact, state, corporate and religious authorities often do not endorse or support their movements and attempt to inhibit their activities. 371 more words

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Turkey's Twitter-Bot army and the politics of social media

*This post first appeared in the Berlin Tech Magazine ‘WebMagazin’, where you can find the full version of the article including pictures and an overall more pleasant layout. 1,135 more words

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A Noble Europe

Thanks to the European Student Think Tank (for publishing this article that I wrote more than a year ago. It’s quite long and intended as an academic essay rather than an opinion article. 3,884 more words

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Turkey's Internet Censorship War

Turkey’s internet censorship war: Why Erdoğan hates YouTube and Twitter (first published in ‘Webmagazin’)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has repeatedly declared social media to be society’s “worst menace”. 1,297 more words

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A Protein Primer

When it comes to food trends, protein appears to be the New Big Thing. But you may be wondering how much is enough, and about the right way (protein powder? 38 more words

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Follia e discorso (2014)

Paolo B. Vernaglione, Follia e discorso, Alfabeta2, 22 luglio 2014

“Brisset era stato ufficiale di politzia giudiziaria. Dava lezioni di lingua. Ai suoi allievi proponeva dettati come: Noi Paul Parfait, carabinieri a piedi, essendo stati mandati al villaggio Capeur, vi siamo andati, rivestiti delle nostre insegne”. 889 more words


3 Kickstarter projects that effortlessly destroyed their Shark Tank equivalents

There have been many revolutionary products going viral on Kickstarter in the past few weeks. Coolest Cooler has reached nearly $7 million (and counting). Seeing these videos led me to flashback to similar products I had seen on Shark Tank months before. 273 more words