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Weekly Goals: Week 4

  1. Learn useful phrases in multiple languages
  2. Make Origami decorations
  3. Meditate Daily
  4. Take online class
  5. Learn Guitar

Learn useful phrases in multiple languages: I’ll make flashcards with common and useful phrases in five languages (French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Chinese) 173 more words


The Heart and Soul of Modern Animation

The cartoons of the past that people most readily identify with are those created by Walt Disney. The legacy he bequeathed to animation and the American psyche has left an indelible imprint upon Western Civilization through the simple retelling of fairy tales. 350 more words


Undergrad Adventures: Stress Management

I’m down to my last two general education classes (scary, I know), and the stress management class I’m taking might be one of the most informative classes I’ve ever taken. 521 more words


Production Update 119 Finals Week

I’ll keep this week’s update short and sweet. This week I was able to sneak in one shot before being assigned our final project for my online course. 130 more words


Online Mediumship class!

For those of you interested in communicating with passed loved ones, for yourself and others, one of my amazing mentors is teaching an online Mediumship class through all of February! 66 more words


Waters Edge Healing School!

I’ve been working REALLY hard on this for a long time; this is a project that is near and dear to my heart. I believe that the world needs more healing- and i think they need to learn it at affordable prices! 99 more words


Lessons From an Online Student

So you sit down your first day of class in sweats and slippers with your Bible in one hand and a cup of tea (or coffee if that’s what you prefer) in the other, all too eager to log on to Canvas and eat your theological breakfast, when your phone rings: It’s one of your friends asking to hang out. 877 more words

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