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The next class will be on Sunday October 19th, 2014 at 10:00 AM (US Pacific time)

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Learning How to Code: Relearning How to Learn - Report #1

I am learning how to code, and right now it’s hard. With all of the talk about teaching children to code — I agree, but sometimes the world of education goes overboard on our newly recognized philosophies — I decided to organize a small before-school activity using… 733 more words

21st Century Learning

Project: Tunisian Reader's Wrap!

The last pattern we are exploring from my Learn Tunisian Crochet Colorwork Class is the stunning and cozy Tunisian Reader’s Wrap.


I’ve told you before that inspiration sometimes doesn’t come from me. 162 more words


Where I see the future of education

I love being in an online class because of how easy it is.

Once a week we have an assignment of four to five questions based off of a reading we’re assigned. 384 more words

Blogging in Today's Classroom

With the recent inception of Common Core standards, all educators require teaching literacy across the curriculum. Getting kids to write, especially the weaker writers, can be a challenge, but have you thought about using blogging as your tactic? 234 more words


No brushes needed

A new lesson with Flora Bowley.

Well, all my paintings from the class ‘Bloom true’ in February 2014 are not finished untill now. They are still waiting for me. 318 more words