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Synergis and Advance2000 Team Up to Deliver Cloud Computing and Collaboration

Last month, we announced that we partnered with Advance2000 in order to better serve our client-base with complete IT solutions and to bring cloud collaboration services direct.  255 more words


Collaboration on the Cloud: 5 Key Benefits

We’ve all been there. Maybe you were there today. You know, that place where multiple team members are all trying to update the same document or spreadsheet to meet a deadline, but the first person has opened it up from the network and everyone else gets the message that it is only available as a read-only document. 432 more words

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BIM Level 3 compliance

Still blogging about the BIM-Hub project from at the website http://bim-hub.lboro.ac.uk/ As we’re half way through the PI and I have started looking at follow-up projects and one of the grants going round at Loughborough at the moment is Enterprise funding. 716 more words

Four Dramatic Benefits of Cloud-based Collaboration

Collaboration is recognized as essential within companies today, one might say that collaboration focused strategies and applications are revolutionary in today’s business. A 2013 report* declares that cloud-based collaboration solutions are rapidly becoming not just the medium most capable of supporting these applications, but also the most flexible in delivering these four (4) dramatic benefits. 315 more words

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Four Steps to Successful Cloud Collaboration

Looking to implement a cloud collaboration solution? Perhaps you have tried to implement one before and experienced little, if any, success. Here are four key-areas to focus to improve your results. 318 more words

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Cloud Collaboration: Are You A Leader or a Laggard

In 1962, Everett Rogers proposed the “Law of Diffusion of Innovations” to explain how, why and at what rate new ideas and technology spread thorough out cultures. 415 more words

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