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Another Great Day

New Facebook Community Page with 138 followers #NotbadForOneDay :)

Record number of visitors to the website almost twice as many as yesterday. The dark blue line is unique hits meaning different users. 12 more words


How to Use Google Docs for Collaboration

I happened upon Google Docs when I needed to install a Word application on my iPad while I was away from my PC at home. It’s similar to Microsoft Office but it’s a web-based office suite by Google and it’s free! 164 more words

10 Tips for Online Teaching

Fostering instructional immediacy in online classrooms

How can we create online learning environments that are as dynamic, collaborative and successful as the best face-to-face classrooms? Is it even possible? 680 more words

Post-secondary Education

how to launch a successful mastermind group

Did you know many of your favorite Disney moments from the 1930-1970s were birthed from a mastermind group of animators? Walt Disney referred to them as “Nine Old Men.” While still in their twenties and thirties, when Walt first coined the phrase, this mastermind group brought to the world such classics as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, and many others. 638 more words

Andrew Carnegie

Top requirements for cross-organizational collaboration tools

Over the past years we have naturally received plenty of questions about tools relating to cross-organizational collaboration. Each customer case is different, yet some questions are repeated more often than others. 455 more words


Internet Film School (or: why I stopped worrying about my degree and started learning about what I love)

I’ve been studying marketing for my bachelor of commerce for four very long years now. I have one year left and all the intentions of completing my degree. 1,513 more words