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Why is ISL Online excellent as a virtual classroom? By Barbara Reindorp

It is funny how things happen by chance.

There I was teaching English online through Skype which was restrictive and limited. Meanwhile, my husband was using ISL Online software for remote support, website chat and webinars. 471 more words

Isl Online

VoiceThread and Best Practices


What is VoiceThread?

With VoiceThread, group conversations are collected from anywhere in the world at any time and shared in one place, all with no software to install. 303 more words

Academic Technology

Yammer in Education- Sharing those `aha' Moments

Social media has become such a large part of how we communicate and connect with people world wide. Just as we use social media platforms to engage and share with people in personal life, how often do we use effective online communication in our schools? 227 more words

Form Of Communication


ThinkBinder is a tool that lets students create online study groups and share videos, pictures, and links. They can also collaborate via text and video chats.

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Collaboration is key to success - keep everyone informed inside and outside the organization

To ensure the smooth running of any project, collaboration is vital, not only within your company but with external partners also. But how do you keep in touch with everyone and ensure that they are looking at the latest, most up-to-date information? 227 more words

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Accessing Collaborative Efforts (EDUC 8842)

In honor of our dear departed Joan Rivers, CAN WE TALK?  Collaboration is very good in the online environment but online group assignments … well it is just cumbersome.  249 more words

4 Tips for Forming Virtual Teams

Much has been written about the value of using virtual teams from a variety of perspectives: IT, HR, and management. While each contemplate virtual teams from different angles, the authors typically reach this conclusion:  the fast-paced global economy, the advancements in technological solutions, and the general acceptance of telecommuting have each contributed businesses using virtual teams to gain a competitive advantage. 708 more words

Alternative Workstyle

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As a member of Better Collaboration, a virtually-based consulting firm, I can attest that a number of challenges must be surmounted in order to form an effective virtual team. Some of the most significant challenges are accurately described by Lisa Duncan, co-founder of an immersive, picturesque virtual work environment called Flipside Workspace (see here). Informed by direct experience, Lisa also offers excellent tips for addressing them. Hence, I refer you to her post.