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August Best Buys!

Time for our monthly heads-up on the best deals! August shopping can be summed up in two ways: Back to School and End of Summer. These two notions that were a complete bummer for me as a kid. 207 more words

Restaurant Rage

And now, a little Friday fun – or frustration (your mileage may vary.) Consumer Reports has published a fun graphic noting “America’s most common restaurant complaints… 291 more words

Time to Toss It?

An elderly acquaintance recently moved into an assisted-living facility. Cleaning out her house yielded some interesting treasures, including a bunch of unopened food – some fairly recent, some not. 244 more words

Logo Logic

A little Friday distraction on the psychology of corporate logos, courtesy of those masterminds at DailyInfographic.com. Logos are a serious business. They aim right for your brain, triggering emotional responses with their colors and shapes, making you feel safe, or content, or awesome! 214 more words

Repair or Replace?

It happens every time you buy anything with moving parts: they ask if you would like to buy the service warranty. Now, I was brought up to believe “That’s how they GET you!” as in, it’s a scam to squeeze more of your money. 255 more words

Confident Consumers?

When I read a headline claiming that consumer confidence is on the rise, I think that the newspaper should include a coupon for that big grain of salt you need to swallow the news.  220 more words

Not-So-Extreme Couponing

I found an old but very useful article at HowStuffWorks.com entitled “10 Extreme Coupon Tips for Normal People.” It was from a time when Extreme Couponing was becoming the big thing (is it still a thing?) and it was fun to point and laugh at the weirdos stockpiling 10,000 rolls of toilet paper. 317 more words