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Dazzled by the light of the moon

Allow me to give you something. 

What is it, I ask?

The moon, my dear. Darling… sweetheart… baby…

The moon? I don’t require the moon. 121 more words


The Great Houdinis

I know that this actually happens a lot in the world of dating in general not just Tinder, but it is still something that is really frustrating to me.   796 more words


Clever conversation and why it’s important

Billy Joel and I agree on most things. Until it comes to clever conversation.

According to Billy Joel, he doesn’t want clever conversation. He doesn’t want to work that hard. 428 more words


Double Booked Weekend*


I went to see bartender at his place of employment. He was all cute working and stuff and flirting with the female patrons. He gave me attention and every  now and then would come by and touch me on the shoulder or something. 741 more words


Summer Dating

After a long hiatus from dating, I somehow managed to date three different guys in the past month. I sort of fell back in to it one night when I decided to pop in to Tinder while I was hanging out with my TiVo. 855 more words

Online Dating

The Wrong Way to Find A Friend Friday

A new online dating start up, The Dating Ring, is taking a bizarre approach to creating matches for their users. They noticed that there seem to be a lot of single women in NYC, and an equally large amount of single men in San Francisco which resulted in a strange idea… 85 more words

People Search

The Reluctant Dater

Me: He called me beautiful, as an endearment. We haven’t even met. Is that creepy?
Gail: It’s not creepy, but it is hollow. He has no idea what you actually look like. 1,396 more words