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Brick & Mortar or Online: The Better Conversation

The conversation of “brick and mortar” versus online has been going on since at least the 1970’s.  Getting educated through a computer network seemed like a crazy idea.  961 more words

Big D is for Divergence

Last time I was in Dallas, a friend took me to see the giant bronze cattle drive in Pioneer Plaza. In his interpretation, the sculpture series was not just a symbol of Texas and a link to the Old West, but a message of how progress is achieved when people — pioneers — are unshackled from the restraints of age old institutions. 609 more words


You know your kids are millennials when...

You know your kids are millennials when…

  • They can operate the search feature on YouTube better than you can
  • They know who Parry Gripp is (and so do you, by default)
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The MOOCs Debate Continues

Are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) still the wave of the future? Yes and no. This article from The Consumer Eagle takes a look at both sides of the question, highlighting that while these classes offer flexibility and new ways to learn, many students still crave and benefit from interaction with an instructor. 19 more words