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AdTech Trends, Fraud and Viewability Are Marketers Main Concerns for 2015

Trend Summary: Among the trends to watch in the global world of ad tech in 2015 are fraud, transparency, viewability, and data measurement.

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Breaking : 6 tips to welcome identity theft and fraud

Pro-fraud experts noted that most consumers can avoid experiencing stress and financial heartache by adopting some new habits.

Get Behind The Potential Problem

It always hurts to give a heads-up to your credit bureau, whether or not fraud has occurred. 317 more words

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30 emails in 20 minutes ... how could I NOT know this was fraud?

While I love my park-anywhere Suzuki Swift it is time to graduate to a larger mommy-mobile. So … I listed my car on a few Trinidad & Tobago car selling websites. 919 more words

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Be careful with the people, who suddenly contact you on SKYPE. There are No SOLDIERS, GENERALS, SERGEANTS or OFFICERS, using Skype who will offer you romance, especially if they claim to be in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc. 3,458 more words



If you see these texts, or parts of them in messages, then you are dealing with a scammer, probably from West Africa or Malaysia, but may be from other countries as well. 1,676 more words


E-commerce and cyber crime-What's the way out?

Due to increase in broadband penetration more and more companies are choosing online platforms to sell their goods and services. In the last 5 years Indian e-commerce market saw exponential growth. 659 more words

The Surprising Payoff Behind Online Scams

In recent years phishing schemes, ransomware, and outright hacking have become extremely profitable for scammers. Because of the prevalence of online transactions both large and small, and the interconnectivity of both mobile and desktop devices, online thieves have been making a good living off of those who are unprepared. 143 more words

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