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L is for: Livejournal

I signed up to Livejournal in July 2007 – I was 15. Livejournal was where all the fandom stuff was happening back then, it was where you could find great discussions, theories and the more creative side of fandom including fanvid’s and fanficiton. 796 more words

My Life

An open letter to my fanfiction community

Dear readers, both known and unknown:

Once again, I find myself spring-cleaning the fanfic.net profile. I do this every six months or so, making sure that what’s here reflects my growth as a writer and as a person. 187 more words


My New Birthday In My Second Life

I have Facebook Fatique. And I think a lot of people do, but they just can’t tear themselves away from the addiction part of it. 264 more words

Computer Stuff

So My Former Boss Plays WoW, Too

 ***Please note: anything in [ ] was a footnote in my word processing document.***

Chapter 4

Making friends all over the globe is one thing, but discovering who you know in real life plays the same game is another. 1,818 more words

Stuck. Words and voices spiral. Names and faces misplaced. This is me.

I’m stuck lately.

All of April’s Autism acceptance awareness stuff has completely overwhelmed me. I can’t even begin to sift through the onslaught of information, posts, blogs, articles and activism. 695 more words


March This and That: Other People's Roofs and I Am Not Alone

I didn’t even want tot do a This and That post this month, it having been this horrible I’m-the-ultimate-house-hunting-robot-so-I-barely-have-time-to-pluck-my-eyebrows-nevermind-doing-super-duper-blog-worthy-things month from hell and all.

I’ve written about this soul draining house hunting business way more than any sane person would care to read about, and I’d promised myself I wouldn’t force it upon you again. 722 more words


Spring Clean Your Facebook

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like spring.  I mean what’s not to like?  Fresh air, warm weather, pretty colors… Everything just feels new and exciting.  696 more words