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4 Way to Save Money on Textbooks This Year

As if college wasn’t already an expensive enough endeavor, textbooks are still very expensive. College textbook prices are rising every year, and there really isn’t much you can do about it. 198 more words


Classroom Setup


Image Retrieved From: PEP 2013 Celeste Benoit.

My perceptions on classroom setup has definitely changed after reading research into this area. I never realized how complex and critical the setup of the classroom was for establishing an effective learning environment. 265 more words


A New Frontier for Education

Thankfully, we seem to have arrived at a critical turning point in the education system in Jamaica. We have finally realized the importance of technology and are beginning to explore practical ways of incorporating it in the classroom. 330 more words

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"You Can Learn Anything" by Khan Academy

“Some people believe that intellectual ability is purely genetic or fixed.

This is a myth. Research now shows that your brain is like a muscle; the more you apply it and struggle, the more it grows.

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The Growth Mindset

Strategies, ideas, focus, and perseverance have often been referred to as “grit.” In broader terms, it is a growth mindset, which allows us to approach challenges openly and with acceptance. 14 more words

Educational Technology

Teaching Kids to Search Well and Evaluate What They Find

My post, Back-to-School Research Tip: Help Your Child Use Curated Online Databases, is posted over at the Platform for Good website. It describes strategies that parents and educators can use to help children understand more about quality searching and help 21st Century kids become better evaluators of their search results. 135 more words

Parents And Technology

Why You Should Pursue An Online Degree

Two types of people exist in this world. One type sits beside the flow of life and tries to adjust with it through compromise and sacrifice while the second type turns the flow of life as per their own requirements to make their lives comfortable. 437 more words

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