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How Magazines Are Shifting to Digital for Huge Revenue (The Huffington Post)

For Ed Loh, editor-in-chief of one of the most popular men’s magazine’s in the country, making the switch from being known as Motortrend magazine to just “Motortrend” wasn’t a conscious strategic decision, it just happened. 10 more words

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Optical Illusion, The Laws of the Cosmos, Electrician's Paradise

Leilanie Stewart one half of a writing couple – the other half is Joseph Robert.
Her work has appeared in over 30 literary magazines and anthologies in the UK and US and her debut pamphlet is forthcoming from Eyewear Publishing. 211 more words


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August kicks off with 3 of my poems appearing in Black Mirror Magazine. What this batch have in common is that they all play around with shape and form. Since poetry should be open to the interpretation of the reader, I won't say too much about the inspiration behind them. Poems are subjective, and all too often the poet can get 'precious' about their work. I've met many writers in my time who try to defend the intention behind their work. Why bother? Isn't it wonderful to hear how other people see your work? Isn't that how we develop and improve as artists? At least I like to think so... comments are always welcome!

It's Been a While! ...and Where Have I been?

Hi there everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new for you all to read and get caught up on.  I do apologize for that.   326 more words


Interview at Festivale Magazine

Festivale is an arts and entertainment magazine from Melbourne, Australia. Festivale aims to encourage and support local and international artists and writers and promote interest in Melbourne and Victoria. 90 more words


The Page Girls

I’m excited to introduce to you “The Page Girls,” an online magazine, which focuses on themed weekly issues with short stories, book reviews, essays, videos, cocktail recipes, and more! 46 more words