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Common Challenges of Online Marketing

The Internet provides multitudes of marketing opportunities for both small and large businesses. However, taking full advantage of those opportunities doesn’t come easy. There are many challenges that come with promoting your website, and online marketing experts have been using one of the most effective techniques called search engine optimisation (SEO). 220 more words

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Content Marketing : Part 3

Content That Website Owners or Marketing Professionals Can Create

There are several types of contents that website owners or marketing professionals can create. To get started, first focus on content that an organization can create itself. 379 more words

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I'm no Mike Smash

Mike, as Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse fans will recall, did a lot of great work for charity, but didn’t like to talk about it. As the millionth ice bucket challenge appears on Facebook (rapidly followed by the millionth opinion on whether this is a good or bad thing), I find myself having to confront my own rather complex feelings about philanthropy. 484 more words

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Marketing Is On Its Head

The steady flow of glorified messages about wonderful products that will change our lives, and services that will leave us feeling warm, fuzzy and satisfied, continue to flash their “full monty” at us at every turn. 954 more words

Brand Awareness

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Seo Services to Increase Your Web Site's Traffic and Increase Profits

Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that plays an instrumental role increasing a company’s sales and profit. The prospective clients usually browse through the search engines by using certain keywords to look for the services they want. 383 more words

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Advantages of Online Marketing

Advantages Of Online Marketing

Internet marketing, as a career, often allows you to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world that has a connection to the Internet. 523 more words