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'Leave no trace...' kinda...

Don’t buy into the bullshit Wickr is selling consumers on how they plan to truly distinguish themselves from other ephemeral messaging apps:

“All messages sent over Wickr are encrypted using AES256,ECDH521 and RSA4096 TLS.

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Today's youth and our need to control our own content

Regardless of the negative viewpoint on Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel and his arrogant tendencies, he gives an interesting take on how today’s youth perceive privacy. Let’s forget for a second that he’s becoming more of a preacher than a charismatic leader. 413 more words

Your in-app messages are NOT gone forever

Last week, there were a few ephemeral messaging apps released. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, ephemeral messaging allows users to put time limit on how long someone can see your stuff. 376 more words

The future of online sharing

You’ve probably heard stories of employers or college admissions officers using information on social networks to check on employees or to accept or reject applicants. 407 more words

Secrets and Social - How Much Of Your Life Should You Share Online?

‘I’m 37 years old. I still can’t tell my family I smoke.’

This is just one of the many truths currently trending on Whisper.sh, the website behind the popular Android and iOS apps through which users share secrets online. 643 more words


The Gentrification of Online Safe Spaces.


No space is ever truly safe, even if we are in it alone. Alone, we are subject to tricks of the mind, the echoes of others’ expectations, the sudden bombast of forgotten obligations and regrets, resounding as soon as we endeavor to rest. 764 more words