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I was more interested in wine-o’clock than I was in life-o’clock

If you’re not on the micro-email list, then you missed this email I sent out last week. It got a LOT of feedback below. Thought I’d share it here today. 873 more words


Photos: Pets

Assignment #15: Pets (here are the photos!)

The project this time was to take a picture (or create some art) of one of your furry or feathered friends. 93 more words


(audio) the word 'alcoholic'

i recorded a new podcast this morning. it’s about collecting seashells … but really, it’s about the use of the word ‘alcoholic’ … whether that word is necessary in order to quit drinking. 121 more words


Sober Photography (or Art) Project: Assignment #15

Time for a new photography project! You can be a photographer, or a painter or a drawer… So time to dust off the camera, and get ready to photograph, draw or paint something lovely… 275 more words

The Good Sober Life


i recorded a new podcast this morning. it’s about judging. we’re bad at judging. We judge ourselves too harshly. We suck at self-esteem. We often have some amount of shame. 63 more words


It's about time

There comes a time when you need to stop reading, reliving ‘bad’ stories, and instead pick up the pen and write your own story. The new story. 281 more words


The Parts That Work

I caught myself in a self-sabotage this morning.

Over the past few days I have lucked into a routine that working. As a girl who requires a lot of sleep (!), and being someone who routinely finds herself trying to function on… 826 more words