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Samsung Galaxy S5 is here!

Samsung Galaxy S5

Today Samsung will be releasing the new Galaxy S5. We can say without hesitation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks to be a very impressive phone, but the question is whether the S5’s new features make it worthwhile upgrading from its predecessors, the S3 and S4. 402 more words

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An Siopa Gaeilge

There are many people who are looking to support and promote the Irish language in the country today. The difficult task in doing so is finding resources that will provide us with Irish language material that we can use to promote the language. 179 more words


Is Féidir Leat


In this country, learning the native language begins when a child first attends primary school and continues all the way through their education until the end of secondary school. 188 more words




Key to any individual learning a language is a good dictionary that provides a vast amount of words and definitions to help the reader chose the correct term when using the language. 198 more words