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The Long & Winding Road

{ I was listening to that song on the bus. Yes, the beautiful artwork is from the band, The Beatles. (: }


As i sat there, 135 more words

"Have you ever..... ?"

We stood in a circle that spread across the gym – all but one of us standing on an upside down paper plate. Paul was in the middle explaining the rules of the game, “The person in the center of the circle will begin by saying, Have you ever…, finishing the sentence with something you’ve done before. 834 more words


boy wonder

I yearn for a Saturday involving him and myself; two old friends spontaneously colliding into each other on the high street. A happy accident and burning attraction that swiftly advances to drinks at the adjacent bar. 367 more words

Letters To Maria

Ancient Drum

Across the savannah echo ancient drum
The spirit of nature dancing on grass
Yet mankind comes invading en masse
He’s taking her beauty and still He come…

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23 Years of Playboy Babe Leanna Decker

Okay, so Leanna Decker hasn’t been a Playboy model for 23 years, in case the headline confused you, but yesterday she turned 23 so she has been alive for 23 years. 162 more words

'I Like' - Alice

Raul’s loan has been called in and he can’t pay.

Now he’s an indentured servant with no choice but to pilot a spaceship with insane space monkey co-pilot and the ships security guard that might just have him on the menu. 45 more words


Summer's Call

What lies beneath the tender skin
Absorbing rays from springtide sun
The truth hidden so deep within
And waits for none.
Where is the path to lead the way…

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