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The Staring Contest (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Boldest mountain in the realm,
  • staring up into the heaven,
  • for centuries it was so unwavering,
  • for centuries it was so uncompromising,
  • 285 more words
Anything Goes

The Letter Which Details My Sickness

Dear Kay,

I’m not one to get sick. I am someone who has cold after cold after cold, but I’m the sort of person that pays them no attention and continue through my day as if I am a healthy person. 245 more words


A Blog for Metro.co.uk

In a very exciting addition to my outlets for online writing, I have been invited to join the Metro.co.uk’s crew of bloggers.  And, natch, I wrote… 41 more words

3. When I'm With You

Suddenly I realize I act like myself and someone else at the same time when I’m with you. My flaws that you see, some are true and some are only seen by you, because I’m trying to hide my feelings towards you, and at the same time trying to impress you. 170 more words

Online Writing

T Is For...

Its T day on the A-Z Challenge so we really are nearer the end than we are the beginning, if you see what i mean ;) 497 more words


Life After

Hearts that lay in pieces truly can beat again

If only for a moment

the ease of affliction is possible

Torment pushed aside by caramel eyes… 61 more words


True Love Is Suicide

To love and lost is as if death saturates

Corrupting all good to which once blessed

Air turns to acid as this shell becomes hollow… 67 more words