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Storytelling Days ~Theater Days~ ch 07-08


Theater Days 07

“When youre growing up in a smalltown, and you are having a nervous breakdown, and you think that youll never escape it, yourself and the place that you live… of course you are not escaping, you are not getting out of here, its impossible to happen, I wont let it happen… “I hate being odd in a smalltown”… what about that Lou person, did you fall in love with him too?… hahaha, no… he is in the same position as the actress, even higher, theres so much more information about his personal life than her, artistic works too… I have never felt like that for him… because you couldnt delude yourself with him?… because I dont love him that way, I didnt even get the crossdressing stuff of his early works at the beginning, well, I did, Reo didnt, but he was so stupid… you didnt get yours either, or should I say it was the Reo personality?… when I fell artistically in love with him was… yes… the first songs Ive heard, such a beautiful and ordered, passionate sound, it created a true rhythm, and, the songs were about someone as depressed as I was… that much?… someone completely devastated, and yet, living a normal life, expressing as a normal person, to later just look at himself and the end of the day… is that so?… how do you survive that, Teacher? 3,331 more words


she is a perfectionist

If only I wasn’t still living at home. If only I wasn’t in financial ruin. Not on welfare, had more friends and lead a most exciting life. 241 more words

Letters To Maria


I am not frightened, but
they said
“this, too, shall pass,” and
he sings
“look how the stars shine
for you”
this does not pass… 53 more words


Flash Fiction Challenge – Prompt 51 - #FFC52

Flash Fiction Challenge!

Week 50 submissions are in! Check them out!

Submit your week 51 flash fiction by December 23, 2014! Post a link to your submission in the comments section of the corresponding weekly prompt. 49 more words

Flash Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction - Crossing The Bridge When You Come To It

This is a follow-up to the last Sunday Photo Fiction post I did – A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough – where I apparently went over my word count and ended the story: 304 more words


Storytelling Days ~Theater Days~ ch 04-06


Theater Days 04

Maybe I should call her the witch of truth and civilization… didnt you said that you were going to do this for her?… eh?… the little promise you made in the middle of your desperation… oh… theres no point trying to hide it from me… nah, was just stupid, I mean, what for? 4,919 more words


Flash Fiction Challenge - Week 50 Submissions

#FFC52 Week 50

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Prompt: About an hour ago.

OMG, we’ve only got two more weeks left in the #FFC52! 69 more words

Flash Fiction