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Right vs. Might {Short Story}

Wordcount: 1385
Prompt: You receive a letter in the mail. It reads: “Congratulations! You’ve just won…” Finish the sentence and tell the story of what happens next.
1,410 more words


Happiness plenty

He looked like a simple person and he was sitting in front of me in the restaurant.

He smiled when our eyes met and then he went back into his waiting state. 97 more words


Stroke of Midnight

The stroke of midnight is that moment when today and tomorrow is the same thing. It is that time, that briefest of moments when magic happens. 175 more words

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Sonnet: Mercy's Prise

D—– dear, you’re lucky to be dead!
To have escaped the parody you name,
Is Mercy’s gracious gift; and yet you came
Back, so ungrateful for her gift, instead… 96 more words


Intro: Anachronicon

Once I wished you knew
Then I feared that never would you know
Never would you see

Once I knew that you knew
Then I realised that you had always known… 51 more words


when doves cry

The christening, thankfully is long gone and though I foresaw perilousness, what I hadn’t predicted was the precise doomsday¬†location. It turns out I needn’t have feared those bitchy, whilom friends of mine. 1,013 more words

Letters To Maria

Let People Get Inspired ...

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