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The Adventures of Sharples - Midday Sun

Sharples continues sharing his memories, more of his doings are here

On a hot summer’s day there is little to be done. Leftovers from last night’s barbecue make an easy breakfast leaving plenty of morning hours to find the perfect shady spot. 186 more words

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One Day Sale

Beneath the serene surface the solitary diners gather. Their senses alert to scent of an easy meal. Grabbing and grasping indiscriminately while pushing another aside. Threshing and pushing through the swarm to reach the best of the deal. 89 more words

Online Writing


auroral blooms
speaking louder than words
get well soon

© JG Farmer 2014


Weekend Showcase : Chris White (Writer)

Every Friday, 1 creative, letting their work speak for itself.


Chris White

The Shadows of the Jungle

“What’s the fucking time-stamp on that picture? Does anyone know?” 778 more words


The Well

I’ve went to the well so many times,

But this time is different,

Cause the well went dry,

My pail of water shall not be filled, 91 more words

Creative Writing

The Crossing 14: The Tolling of a Bell

Part 14 in the flash fiction serial The Crossing

In that first January Arina’s sister died. Loban and Gai had been at work when the phone rang. 313 more words

Online Writing


golden rays
embrace whispering grass
threshers make hay

© JG Farmer 2014