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Reo Arc 05 ~Snow Paranoia Vacation~ ch 28-36

Snow Paranoia Vacation ch 28

Sand, waves, sun, salty water… short clothes, warm weather, windy sunsets… Im glad I could see the beach when I was young, aint that great, little one?… that was me, not you… what? 9,394 more words


How To Write A Blurb

First of all, what’s the difference between a synopsis and a blurb?

A synopsis covers the entire plot. A blurb catches the reader onto the hook and reels them in. 533 more words

Writing Advice

Normal Days 10 ~A Teachers Walk IV~

The first story about that Hikari girl, was pretty much incomplete, wasnt it?… I dont know… incomplete on purpose, by the lack of a proper vision about it… what do you mean?… it was easier to just tell it that way, without blaming her for the obvious, nor accepting how everything went so wrong at some point… the boyfriend?… that is just a part of it, as that piece on the gameboard is kind of generic, its more important to understand how the girls saw their so intimate relationship with each other… so, what happened?… mmm, its not about a truth to be told, maybe you should ask the storyteller about it… if she comes, she is going to take over and tell a very long story, just say quickly what you have in mind… mmm, normally people accept the boundaries of the world and calm down, one way or another, but the girl who would become the so called Little Wolf, she was too strong and stubborn, she was smart, she had a lot of money, and she had the teachings of her mother, she already knew what to do in so many situations… and… you take that power and give it to a girl like little Hikari, who has good qualities but after all is just a teenager in the middle of a lot of real problems, if she could have solved them on her own instead of becoming codependent on her partner, things would have gone differently, on the other hand, certain someone was madly in love and would have done everything for her… Im not the one worshiping actresses… the codependency on her side was purely emotional, she didnt need her any other way… with that is more than enough… even the biting was a game of possessiveness between them, anyhow, she called it a sickness in the family, how tragedies happened again and again. 349 more words


The Moon Is Alive

Sweet loving heart, which holds the stillness within
my grey eyes as they celebrate your beauty
causing the blood to surge wildly in my veins…

97 more words


fiscal need
denying a child bread
evil roots indeed

© JG Farmer 2014


music monday: some nights

From where I stand at present, I have no future. The path I’ve tirelessly tread upon for years reached a dead end long ago now. The thing is I can easily see beyond the capacious crevasse that separates me from my hearts desires. 156 more words

Letters To Maria

The Crossing 17: Tatters and Ruins

It has been some time but here is another installment of my flash fiction serial The Crossing

Arina had a fondness for visiting historic buildings. Once or twice I had been with her and wandered round unused rooms arranged in a set period from the past. 591 more words

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