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The PM who cried wolf.

David Cameron can thump the table, stamp his feet and shout all he likes …. he’s been caught out in a lie and now the pigeons have come home to roost! 385 more words

David Cameron

Surprising Turn Ons for Women

Flowers, roses, candy, these are not the secrets to a woman \s heart. For too long guys have been missing the mark on exactly what truly turns a lady on. 53 more words

Thinking of starting up in Hertsmere? You’ll be in good company!

  • Entrepreneurial Hertsmere experienced nearly half the growth in numbers of enterprises across the whole of Hertfordshire between 2009 and 2013. That’s an increase of 675 Hertsmere enterprises compared to 1365 for the whole of Hertfordshire – or 49% of the growth in numbers of enterprises.[1]
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Business Advice

Amazing cooking of the books by the Brits

If you don’t think this kind of thing is going on in the US, I expect you’ll be quite surprised when it’s revealed.


Here’s the gist of the story. 85 more words

Limited Government

Review: Hystrodon

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 3
Staple. It’s a very good creature but nothing more or less.


Here’s another card I’ve always kind of liked, but has never been exceptional. 245 more words


The UK's budget deficit creeps back up.

Figures released today by the ONS show that for the first 6 months of this financial year, the government’s budget deficit has increased by 10% over the same period last year. 287 more words


Review: Quicksilver Dragon

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: *6*
Stacker Pentecost. Finally, it can live up to it’s full potential.


I remember cracking a Quicksilver Dragon in high school and thinking it was incredibly cool, but in practice, it was pretty much a piece of shit. 232 more words