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How to Get an Advantage Through Faster Tempo - Time based Competition and the OODA Loop

John M. Boyd was an air force pilot who earned the nickname “40-second Boyd” due to his ability to defeat any enemy in combat air maneuvering in 40 seconds or less. 1,843 more words

Boyd for Business & Innovation -- Final Report

After my presentation, retired Marine Colonel Mike Wyly joined us from Maine via Skype to relate how the Marine Corps adopted the doctrine of maneuver warfare. 742 more words

Boyd's Theories

Boyd for Business & Innovation -- 2

Before I forget, Chuck Spinney made a point about the OODA loop that bears repeating: Boyd did not want to draw the thing! In fact, he didn’t, until the penultimate chart in his very last briefing, less than a couple of years before he died. 222 more words

Boyd's Theories