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OODA Loops & Higher Education

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The phrase OODA loop refers to the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide, and act, developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd…

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Funny Games (1997)

Plot Summary: While vacationing at their secluded summer home, an affluent family is terrorized by a pair of sadistic creeps in this disturbing thriller. Director: … 367 more words
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Comment threads about global warming show the American mind at work, like a reality-TV horror show

Summary:  Belief in a secret conspiracy of government scientists manipulating US climate data to exaggerate global warming might join Benghazi BENGHAZI in the right-wing canon. See this happen in real time in the comment threads at Prof Curry’s website, showing the American mind at work on one of our most important public policy issues. 784 more words

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The Importance of Small Decisions and Rapid Decision Loops

Every day each one of us make innumerable micro-decisions about our work. Building software is both technically complex as well as creatively challenging; the tools we use provide so much power there are many many ways to accomplish the same thing. 860 more words