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Moving In to My New Apartment

So, I have successfully begun to transfer my life from the 12 by 18 foot cell of a dorm into my SLIGHTLY larger studio. I have decided to call it the Bat Cave, and this space is going to be so 100% custom Meg that I can’t say I will ever want to leave. 353 more words


Dear Roommate

Dear Roomie,
I haven’t seen you in 3 days. That would normally be a cause for alarm however your Instagram feed has kept me pretty up to date. 692 more words

CORRECTION About the Schedule

I made an error in how I explained the order of things.

The schedule I posted was exactly like it went down…..on Day 3 of the move. 276 more words

Move In Day

April 15th

They always told me it was bad in there.
That is was dark and unknown.
That people, especially little boys, don’t dare enter.
But I did it anyways. 182 more words


Last Sunday.... :S

Now this is a dumb story….

It’s also a bit of a long one but it was certainly eventful… At least for me, I will try to make it interesting (Note I said *TRY*, it may be scrambled like eggs on a Sunday morning ;) ) 1,091 more words

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Ellen Masters the Art of Subtitles

In this clip, Ellen creates the perfect subtitles to dub a Dutch reporter’s rather eventful segment on a riverboat. Does anyone else think the life ring was a bit overboard, though? 21 more words