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Oh man! Let me tell you about my sunday.. Lately I’ve been wanting to cut Liams hair, I’m sure you already know where this is going! 310 more words

The FJ Needs A Trash Can

Cy straightens up the FJ Cruiser and constructs a new trash can for it.  Husband is in the shop working on his own project but stops to help Cy as she asks.

Husbands Blog: Hardwood Inspirations

Cy In The Swamp

Chocolate spread and Peanut butter? You could put this combo on anything and it would be delicious! (Maybe not anything) Well when I get into the kitchen, often I just play around and end up with either an inedible mess, or something heavenly. 152 more words

Kenzie's Kitchen

I’ve been learning a bit about SEO and apparently my habit of titling nothing and tagging everything with dumb asides like “old whores,” “truthbombs,” and “praise handjob” for my own amusement has been biting me in the ass in terms of search engine rankings. 56 more words