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This is as sporty as I shall ever get.

I’ve never been much for sports. I did cheer, but some people don’t consider it a sport. 179 more words


Blue for spring.

It’s been warm enough lately that I’ve foregone the wool coat at work and I’m starting to delve back into buttondowns and my loafers and flats instead of boots. 264 more words


On That West Coast Feel

My style has become pretty subdued as of late


Braided Headband and OOTD

Hey everyone! Happy Easter for the weekend, today I have for you a super easy hair tutorial for you! I also did an OOTD of what I wear with the style, so lets go! 287 more words


New World

So I just moved in The Great Britain a few weeks ago and I am in the process of adjusting to my new world. Its spring now in UK and I’m loving the cold breeze of the wind and the beautiful colors of the flowers around the City of London. 110 more words



I’ve been planning a long time to make a blog cause I love writing, posting pictures and sharing them through the internet. So I thought why not start a blog, a simple one for starters.  125 more words


Party Pants

Seriously. It’s called Party Pants.

American Apparel requires their employees to wear head-to-toe American Apparel. I love it.

But mostly, I love my Party Pants. They’re a break from my usual black, but they were just so comfortable and cute that I couldn’t leave them alone in the store. 77 more words