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Just Who's In the III Percent Society?

A great synopsis from Wirecutter.  Read it here.

“For the most part, just plain ol’ ordinary folks. We work for a living (when we can), we’ve got families, we go to ball games, we read, we watch TV, we worry about finances, we read the paper every morning, we get mad when the dog pisses on the carpet. 115 more words


My article in today's Guardian: Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists

My piece in the guardian today. Please go here to read the original.

Tony Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists

Economists are refuting the three big picture claims made by the government: 1) We have a budget emergency 2) We have a debt crisis and 3) The carbon tax was ruining the economy… 967 more words

Economic Policy

Reason #7,467 Why You Should Have This Water Filtration System....

Order it here.  Best $125 you’ll ever spend…don’t think this kind of activity won’t come to your town eventually.  The more commodities that are given away ‘free’, the more of your ‘tax dollars’ are wasted proportionately, and eventually, more and more people will figure out that you can get the same things you pay for through taxation that comes from your paycheck without having to go to work.  495 more words


A Couple Days Old, but Worth Considering Nevertheless....

Denninger, as per usual, calls things straight out what they are:  http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=229213   (Emphasis added…..so you’re still not training or forming a NPT because……)

If The Border Is Secure, Obama and Reid, YOU Stand On It… 255 more words


New York Times op-ed article issue call for diversity to help the bees

When a majordomo in the mass media pays some attention to bees, we try to take note. This week it was the New York Times, which has been paying quite a bit of attention to the plight of honeybees in our current difficult environment. 171 more words


Missing conscience  


For once, let me dream. 

Let us be positive, and assume the new Constituent Assembly will deliver a constitution within the promised time, one year. Let us imagine there will be a stable government for some time thereafter. 914 more words