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Op-ed: Political behaviour is largely non-rational

When one considers how things have gone since 1930 or thereabouts, it is not easy to believe in the survival of civilization.

I do not argue from this that the only thing to do is to adjure practical politics, retire to some remote place and concentrate either on individual salvation or on building up self-supporting communities against the day when the atom bombs have done their work. 497 more words


US Government Response on Ebola and Criticism

Wall Street Journal’s Syndicated Columnist Peggy Noonan recently published an op-ed on the government’s refusal to issue travel bans to Ebola-plagued West African countries. She used Megyn Kelly’s interview with Thomas Frieden to demonstrate that the Administration’s response if far from adequate. 138 more words


Kirk LaPointe: Vision Vancouver's cash-for-jobs deal with city union is corrupt

Vision Coun. Geoff Meggs, speaking for Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, recently told a meeting of CUPE Local 1004   that the mayor was committing to not contract out any other city jobs. 769 more words


Jordan Bateman: Province needs a plan to eliminate its debt

You may not realize it, but you’re drowning in debt. In fact, we all are. It doesn’t matter how prudent we have been with your money, how brilliant our investments, how lucrative our career, how stingy our spending. 532 more words


Ode to the Half-Geek

We may not catch every “Game of Thrones” reference. We may not read manga religiously. We may still chose a pop book over a graphic novel every now and then. 385 more words


Servers are people, not robots: Yelp can ruin lives

By Robert Tucker, Copy Editor

Like many students, I choose to serve tables and bar-tend at a restaurant downtown. It is not a glamorous job, there is a lot of unseen work and it is hard, but it has its perks. 731 more words


Income inequality – The biggest lie?

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party are running on the “War on Rich People”, otherwise dubbed the income inequality issue this year. Supposedly, the answer to all our ills is to take the money from the rich and give it to the poor. 805 more words