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Put Your Money Where Your Books Are

Every year, there is a new controversy surrounding college athletes and their attempts to be further compensated for all the money they pull in for colleges and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 396 more words


OP/ED Op-Eds: To All Tha Dreamers [Yakitate!! Japan]

This is the story of one day upon which I was exposed to an ending song so catchy I was compelled to watch it for eight hours non-stop. 268 more words


More and more parents are smoking marijuana at home

As more states legalize the use of medical marijuana, the stigma of this so-called “gateway drug” diminishes and the more it becomes socially acceptable. Last weekend on April 20th, pot smokers enjoyed 420, a day where marijuana smokers celebrate the consumption of cannabis. 124 more words


An Environmentalist in NYC: Initial perspectives & the power of the plastic bag

By Lauren DeMates-

As a Californian and environmentalist, my first six months in New York have been interesting to say the least. What motivated to write this post was being here long enough to develop a fair perspective, and seeing an article last week in the Guardian highlighting NYC as number 3 in a new sustainable cities index (Tokyo number 1 and London 2).  844 more words


Spring and the Primary Comes To Auglaize County

Thankfully, spring has finally come to Auglaize County, after a severe winter reminding many of the early 1980′s. On the heels of blooming daffodils, the primary election of 2014 will be held in less than two weeks. 311 more words


Return on investment in faculty rarely captured by university CFOs

“Mr. President, We are not employees of the university. We are the university.”

With these words, Isidore Rabi, a distinguished faculty member at Columbia University, interrupted Dwight Eisenhower, who had started off a speech by addressing the faculty as “employees of the university.” Generation after generation of faculty members has repeated this inspirational anecdote from the early 1950s, though they know very well that their universities are increasingly becoming about everything other than the faculty. 1,389 more words


Grassroots Level Democracy in Kashmir

By Haifa Peerzada

As the elections are underway for a much awaited change of political leadership in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, some of the basic essentials of good governance have not been given much attention or they have been ignored. 919 more words