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Who Buried the South Stream and Why? The EU or Russia?

by Ilgar Gurbanov

Zbigniew Brzezinski had once described Russia’s energy policy as an initiative “to separate the Central Europe from the Western Europe”; something able to divide Member States’ solidarity on the EU and NATO’s potential enlargement in the post-soviet space. 1,375 more words


Medios y corrupción

¿Cómo es que los medios pueden ayudar a limitar la corrupción en una democracia? Aquí mi columna de esta semana para Excélsior, “Voto razonado… 744 more words


OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Fall 2014

We’re back a bit earlier this season with that feature where I can pretend to write for Pitchfork again, and in grand music industry tradition, we’ll start picking the best song of the season already when the season’s still going on, just to get it out of the way before the yearly wrap-up content. 940 more words


The Day after the Torture Report

by Marianna Karakoulaki

After a long wait and many delays the US Senate’s infamous ‘torture report’ was released on Tuesday 9th December. The torture report is 528 page document entitled ‘Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program’ written by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. 758 more words


Estado de derecho

¿Cómo se fortalece el Estado de derecho? Sobre esta pregunta trata mi columna de esta semana para Excélsior, “Voto razonado” (6 diciembre 2014). 691 more words


When You Condemn One Black Man as a 'Thug' You Condemn Us All

My parents sent me to an all-white elementary school when I was 4. I speak and think differently than them because of it. This is a small, common tragedy of black life that we don’t talk about: the best way for me to find success in my own country was to be immersed in a culture entirely different from my parents’ and adopt it as my own. 609 more words

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[caption id="attachment_16555" align="alignnone" width="415"]Victor Luckerson.  The writer for Time magazine pulls the usual leftist trick of setting up a straw man and then using it to make make white people feel guilty.  His writing isn't really very clever, as anyone with half a brain can see what he's doing. Victor Luckerson. The writer for Time magazine pulls the usual leftist trick of setting up a straw man and then using it to make make white people feel guilty. His writing isn't really very clever, as anyone with half a brain can see what he's doing.[/caption] Victor Luckerson is lucky. He grew up in Alabama and he didn't get lynched. Well, that's the stereotype of Alabama, isn't it. Hooded Klansmen hanging INNOCENT blacks from trees. Actually, lynchings, which took place all over America, not just the South, punished criminals. 25 percent of those lynched were white. And there weren't six million lynchings, but off the top of my head, I think it was 4,000 plus, over a one hundred year period. Luckerson now has a career as a journalist, writing in defense of the black race. He claims that if you call one black person a "thug" that you're labeling all blacks that way. How does this kind of horsesh*t get published? Oh, I forgot. Time is a libtard magazine. His claim is that dead cigar thief Michael Brown was "not polite" with a cop and because he was not polite and black he was gunned down in a hail of KKK-inspired target practice. Apparently, black males like Luckerson are intellectually incapable of understanding the requirement placed on ALL people to obey the commands of a police office. And to not punch a cop and try to steal his gun. Luckerson also claims that no one hates black people. Someone should send him to some of the blogs in my blogroll and to the comments sections of uncensored mainstream websites when stories of black mob violence are published. Of course, many white, Mexican, and Asian people hate blacks. It's a healthy hatred, born of righteous anger. The same kind of anger Jesus had for the Jewish moneychangers in the Temple. It's the behavior of blacks that generates the hate, not the skin color. Luckerson's piece in Time, reblogged below, earns a grade of FAIL in terms of saying anything but gibberish. The idea that when you use the word "thug" to describe a specific person means you're using it to describe all black people is just cultural Marxist nonsense, intended to make white people shut up so that the white genocide in progress continues unabated. White guilt? Sorry, baby, but I'm not feeling it. You should be feeling guilt though, Luckerson. For writing this garbage.

Macaron gone macawrong

This week’s InfoNews column is up and it’s about perspective. And doubt. And looking at the glass half full. And it’s also about dessert. You can read it… 22 more words