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Moon Pride! Fangirling edition!

I’m supposed to be working on episode 2 then I saw this.

First thought while watching that? Who the hell animated this and why aren’t they working on CRYSTAL?! 1,244 more words


Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling: it sounds absolutely nothing like what it actually is.  Basically you use coconut oil as a mouth wash.  A natural mouthwash that has more and different benefits than say, Listerine.   575 more words

Tips And Tricks Tuesday

Minecraft Prison Journal #2

Hey guys, what’s up. Today, I went on the prison server and played with my faction that was recently started up. I got myself from rank Free to rank Prestige 4. 66 more words


Why didn’t Oscar Pistorius Defence team use the Channel Seven video?

The recent fur ore surrounding the Channel Seven video purported to have been made by the Oscar Pistorius Defence team, has died down very quickly. What is the reason for this? 598 more words

Oscar Pistorius

Le jargon Good Game

Voici un dictionnaire du jargon du jeu…

Po = Pièces d’or

Pg = Points de Gloire

Ph = Points d’honneur

JaR = Joueur à Rubis… 38 more words


To the Rescue? Muslim Hacktivists Prepare Cyber Retaliation against Operation “Protective Edge”

Following the escalation between Israel and the Hamas regime in Gaza, Muslim hacktivists have announced the launch of several cyber campaigns against Israeli targets.

Unlike the real Middle-East, where Muslims from different factions fight each other, when it comes to assaulting Israel they are happy to join forces. 106 more words

Cyber Intelligence

Learning that it's not always OP...

Whenever I play with friends who play League longer than me, of course you see a huge gap in performance level. Also, a huge gap in champ knowledge, and when I die to the same combo for the third time, and start to get annoyed, the magical phrase appears: “That guy’s OP anyways.”

League Of Legends