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The first snowfall of the year:The first snow day

On Monday November 17, Cincinnati, Ohio had its first snow fall. Typically the first snowfall of the year happens after Thanksgiving or right before Christmas, but never before! 204 more words

Opinion / Editorial

Data and users: does “trust us” still make sense?

It has turned out to be a strange week for data collection, data that is either automatically backed up to company servers or collected as a part of normal operations. 555 more words

Product Management

Uber and why we should be talking about data collection and usage

Last night, here in the echo chamber we call Silicon Valley, the Buzzfeed post about remarks made by Uber’s SVP of Business, Emil Michael, was the talk of the town. 690 more words

Mobile Apps

Minimum Wage in Kentucky

In Kentucky, a person goes out, gets a job that pays minimum wage – $7.25/hour, and works at a company that chooses to classify them as part-time so the company does not have to provide benefits. 506 more words


An interview with Sam Underwood

By Garrick Hoffman

In the last issue, we presented an interview with SMCC student Sam Underwood, who spent this fall season working for the Maine Democratic Party in support of Mike Michaud. 780 more words


Why We Need Election Reform in Maine

By Ian Ziller

There are many election reforms needed, but one that I shall discuss and that we should be considering is a change in our election process called instant-runoff voting. 271 more words


Letter to the Editor

Garrick Hoffman
Opinion & Editorial Section Editor

Dear Editor,
I think the Beacon is a great way for students to know what is going on in the campus community. 235 more words