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24/10/14 - Another Moment of Silence

We had another moment silence for what had happened today. Hearts and prayers unified in the concept venue, all for those in Washington.

After the silence, came the roar for change. 235 more words

Two Solid Reasons Why I Think We'll See Black Panther In the MCU

Dear Marvel:

Where’s my Black Panther film?

I know what the answer is, Black Panther is “In development.” That’s the answer I always get whenever I’ve asked this question and it’s an answer I’m not satisfied with. 631 more words


Halloween, Racism's Biggest Party

by Shane Thomas

You’re not to know this about me, but I hate Halloween. I always have done. Even when I participated in ‘trick or treat’ on a couple of occasions when I was a child, I was secretly wishing I was back home controlling the adventures of Super Mario on… 727 more words


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Disney announces another movie: ‘Moana’

We are never too old for a Disney movie! So, are you looking for some ocean adventures? Check out Disney’s newly introduced movie, ‘Moana’.

Disney is taking a turn on romantic films such as the usual prince and princess movies, and have chosen to create more movies about the qualities and strengths in yourself. 264 more words

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Goodman: How Should We Pay For Health Care? Government Or Markets?

By  John C. Goodman Contributor

SEPTEMBER 2014 - “Bundling” is one of those technical terms that is very much in vogue these days. But all of us have had personal experience with it. 827 more words


Respect Disney

By Frances Kane

Everyone should dress up as what they want for Halloween. If you want to make your costume a bit more provocative, go for it. 423 more words