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Why Candidate Experience Is More Than Another BS Buzzword

There are a ton of meaningless buzzwords that get tossed out in the weird little world that is talent acquisition content marketing. “Talent communities,” for example, or “big data” or “diversity” are all pretty meaningless concepts that for some reason, people choose to make mountains of cash out of what are proverbial miniscule molehills at best to the bigger picture of recruiting. 490 more words


Goodman: "Can ObamaCare Be Fixed? Part II."

By John Goodman Filed under Health Alerts on April 2, 2014 with 38 comments

The reason we have so many problems in health care is that almost everywhere we look, people face perverse incentives — patients, doctors, employers, employees, etc. 1,311 more words

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BUSINESS: Six (6) Secrets of Self-Made Concierge Doctors -- How'd they do it ???

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief

Do You Have What It Takes?

JULY 24, 2014 - The editor’s at Concierge Medicine Today (www.ConciergeMedicineToday.com), asked some of the industry’s leading physicians and business owners, ‘what are the traits of a… 1,289 more words


When To Let Go: Top Four Reasons To Get Rid of a Game

Or? Moving is terrible.

We love board games. We blog about them, we play them, we review them, and we listen to other people complain or rave about them. 1,279 more words


Expertise in Digital Age - How to Recognize Your Experts

In a 2014 article Teo Merz of Daily Telegraph quotes several studies about multiple benefits of red wine consumption.  A couple of months later Lizzie Dearden… 554 more words


Schimpff, MD: 'Paying the doctor directly is better for all concerned'

By Stephen C. Schimpff, MD | Physician 

Next in a series.

July 21, 2014 - The fundamental problem in health care delivery today is a highly dysfunctional payment system that leads to higher costs, lesser quality and reduced satisfaction. 969 more words

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Meanwhile here are 10 things I dislike

I wrote about 10 things I love in SL a couple of days ago so here is my opposite list.

1) Customer service people calling me hun/dear/honey – my name is *right there* just use it, hun/dear may be a term of endearment where you come from in the world, but I don’t live in your street and where I come from its patronising. 501 more words