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My bottom line point is we were always kind of bastards its just when we had all the room and invisibility it was just so much easier to pretend we weren’t.

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The slow, painful death of fee-for-service primary care

By Anne Zieger

August 14, 2014 - Over the last several years, there have been countless attempts to create new models for primary care, with ongoing efforts including the expansion of patient-centered medical homes, the emergence of the direct primary care model, the increasing availability of retail clinics and virtual primary care via smart phones, tablets and the web. 538 more words

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August Flashbacks

Following are some of the articles published by The Observer for the month of August in recent years. These articles, gathered from various publications and editorials, are noteworthy for residents in that they remind us of where we’ve been as a community. 370 more words

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FORBES and J. Goodman: 'Everyone Should Have A Concierge Doctor.'

By John Goodman, Contributor, Forbes

AUGUST 29, 2014 - Have you ever wondered why you doctor doesn’t talk to you by phone? Lawyers, accountants, engineers and just about every other professional you can think of discovered that phones are a handy way of communicating with clients almost a century ago. 1,188 more words

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For crying out loud, how did messaging get so fragmented?

In the last few years, mobile messaging apps have been expanding like crazy. It seems like every slight variation of messaging has a different app and they’re all thriving. 498 more words

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DUVEFELT, MD: A Swedish Country Doctor’s Proposal for Health Insurance Reform


AUGUST 27, 2014 - In the forty years since I started medical school, I have worked in socialized medicine, student health, a cash-only practice and a traditional fee for service small group practice. 1,510 more words

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Practice Post 2.0


Heartthrobs in beanies and flannels- oh my!  Since their 2011 debut, the punk-pop Aussie quartet 5 Seconds of Summer has been topping the charts and stealing the hearts of countless adoring fans around the globe.   70 more words

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