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Assignment One - Workflow

This Assignment has been prepared as part of the Open College of the Arts Digital Photographic Practice module on the BA in Photography.  The assignment is a capstone project that integrates sub projects on workflow, digital capture and editing. 1,358 more words

Part One - Workflow

P166 Exercise: Detailed Studies

There may be objects or features that you wish to include in your landscape. … If this element of your drawing is to be convincing you will need to work out the basic elements of the form. 136 more words


P161 Exercise: Linear Perspective

… Man-made structures such as buildings, walls, roads, pavements and street furniture with their clearly delineated lines make the ideal subject for studies in linear perspective. 115 more words


Exercise - Focal lengths at different view points

This exercise is to further my understanding of how diverse my images can be when using a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens, but this time I will shoot from a different view point. 176 more words


Focal Length

This exercise is experimenting with focal length. This is to see the differences that different focal lengths have on the face of a subject. Again my husband agreed to be my model for this exercise. 304 more words


Assignment 5: Applying the Techniques of Illustration and Narrative - Feedback

With the deadline for assignment looming tomorrow I have just realised that although I had received this feedback just in time I hadn’t written it up due to a quick trip to France and work commitments, so here in the nick of time is my opinions on the feedback received for my final assignment of the Art of Photography course. 593 more words



The cool blade of the scissors slid across Stephanie’s skin. She watched as the blood welled up and ran in rivulets down her right forearm creeping over the puckered white remnants of previous scars that stood out even against her wan complexion. 713 more words

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