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Update on assignment 1

From reading over the last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that the best way to proceed is primarily to allow the images to lead me, by that I mean that I don’t want to suddenly force the issue by deciding this project is about  348 more words

Death of the Author by Roland Barthes

Some notes and thoughts following reading Death of the Author:
“Writing is the neutral, composite, oblique space where our subject slips away, the negative where all identity is lost starting with the very identity of the body writing.” (Barthes. 835 more words


Because spirals have been fundamental in most of my research and ideas, i decided to explore spirals in more depth and discovered the Fibonacci spiral. 148 more words

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Change of direction

I had started out thinking of using the stitched words in a linear way… the path through life. I explored the idea using a piece of child like fabric with a wound running directly through the middle whilst also descending into a black spiral. 62 more words

Open College Of The Arts


Having spent the day today reading, writing and reflecting on assignment 1, I wanted to just sum up my present thoughts on where I am in this place at this time.   2,045 more words

Richard Tuttle - study visit

I was excited to be going to visit the Richard Tuttle exhibition at Whitechapel Art Gallery. I knew very little about him or his work but I was intrigued by what I had seen. 461 more words

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Rosalind Wyatt - The stitched lives of London

Rosalind Wyatt is an artist who uses textiles and stitched words to explore history especially within the ongoing project ‘The Stitched Lives of London’ 143 more words

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