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Reflecting on the project.

As I look back over the past 6 months and my partnership with St Michael’s Community Nursery, Hilary, The Nursery Staff and the children! I realise that we have been given such a wonderful opportunity to… 848 more words

Why do kids play with the boxes & packaging more than the toy??

I’m sure nearly everyone has heard a parent say, or said themselves, that kids will play more with the box, packaging and wrapping a toy came in, than the actual toy itself. 508 more words

Speech Language Pathology Services In Gunnedah NSW

Celebration 'The sharing of our play'

As the sessions attached to Creative Shoots come to an end, it seemed appropriate to celebrate the fantastic variety of play that has happened in our sessions, and to show the learning and new language to family and carers of the children. 910 more words

Open Ended Play....What Gives?

What is open ended play and why does it matter? Open ended play is any activity that allows children to create unlimited scenarios on their own. 422 more words


Water … and the TUBE.

Following the success of the pouring, filling and emptying with salt, and discussions on how to use the outside space to its maximum. Hilary and I wanted to create a more permanent water wall on the wire fence, allowing children to use the water more often, without needing things to be set up especially. 1,207 more words


What happens when you take away all the trappings of a setting?

Taking an empty space, and only adding a limited range of resources, but in abundance. 942 more words