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Background Materials: Part 2c : Clarifying Questions, Feelings List, Needs List

Open Ended and Clarifying Questions – listening for connections and commonalities (AFSC PA Respectful Listening and Dialogue Curriculum)

The purpose of open ended and clarifying questions… 801 more words

Part 2: Respectful Listening And Dialogue

Five years from now?

“Where do you see yourself five years from Now?”

I hate this question.  I’ve only been asked it a few times in a few different interviews, but it took just the first few times for me to hate it.   710 more words

iModerate's qual tracking; Big Data: $30B market; Google Glass' software enabler (RBDR—6/19/2014)

Sponsored by Nuance, offering multi-language verbatim coding services to help companies quantify the meaning of open-ended answers. Nuance, a Decision Analyst company.

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