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The Secret to Knowing What Your Customer Wants

A Critical Step in the Process

by Steve Stearns

The “Listen to Needs” step is a critical point in the sales process because the information you learn here helps you tailor benefits and build personal value in the product or service you’re selling. 373 more words

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Asking Essential Questions Fosters Higher-Order Thinking Amongst our Learners

These are  the seven defining characteristics that makes a question “essential”:

  1. Is open-ended, typically it will not have a single, final, and correct answer.
  2. Is thought-provoking and intellectually engaging, often sparking discussion and debate?
  3. 318 more words

Questioning Observation

Course: World Literature
Period: 2

In this class, the lesson was to review previous learning in preparation for a test the next day. When talking with the teacher the day before, the lesson was intended to be a socratic seminar, however, immediately before the lesson, a pedagogical decision was made to have the discussions be made in small groups. 428 more words