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How to go off-grid

Here is a helpful article from new fave author, Zen Gardner, about getting started on off-grid living. I think the best way is to go off-grid with others, and not just by yourself. 22 more words


Just fine: A sweet-positive lie

They say that the more you think of positive thoughts the more you are rewarded with positive feelings. At some point I have to believe them. 353 more words

Pen @ Work

At the end

It hurts me a lot knowing that you’re hurting. It hurts me so much it makes me want to cry because I feel like it’s my fault. 104 more words

Open Heart

Missing You - Don't forget

Ah…. two beautiful words. It should mean a lot to the person hearing the thought – but it means even more to the person saying it. 206 more words


To the man on his guitar

It’s one of those usual days when you sits on the edge of your bed and start strumming your guitar with no particular tune.
You just strummed it and slowly lose yourself in the sound it create. 220 more words

Open Heart

Global Healing Starts at Home

In my book, Shattering the Grandest Illusions, I connected the dots between some of the biggest challenges facing our planet and the role played by you and I in the transformation of our species. 277 more words

Culture Shock

I’m still not sure what to think of everything. It’s all so different from anything I’m used to. It’s tough not knowing Spanish, but hopefully I’ll pick a little up while being here. 258 more words

South America