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“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
- Mother Teresa

To Open Up Your Heart

short story

One night, I had a conversation with a cat.

I had came home from a day of work, only to realise, as I stood in front of the door, that I’d forgotten to take my keys with me when I left my home. 1,372 more words


Everything I know about the human heart


I am cheating a bit in today’s blog post.  I am posting an old piece of writing.  This writing appeared in me at a silent writing and meditation workshop with Natalie Goldberg in 2001.  567 more words


What can I offer you from within my silence?

What can I offer you

from within my silence

that will fully embrace you

and bring you peace?

All I know to do is

to hold you in my open heart, 38 more words


I am a contrary


I am a contrary.  The society and material world I live in tries to tell me all is divided, labelled, specified, separate.  It tries to say I am separate from you, from the water I drink, from Raven chuckling in the fir outside my window, from the ground I walk on, from the rough grey stone I hold in my hand. 436 more words


Open Eyes, Open Mind, Open Heart (Part 2)

How did last week go?  Have we all had a chance to practice keeping our eyes open?

Missed last week? No problem, click here to catch up on part 1 of this 3 part series! 834 more words


all the reds of life

Sunday January 19th, 2015

I turned my head
and there was a flower staring right at me.
open red face floating close to mine,
heart nakedly exposed in a nest of green. 102 more words