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A Medical Appointment

I gathered my strength to be a patient

For another medical appointment

To keep my peace and quiet my thoughts 

I brought a book I thought I’d need… 69 more words

Spiritual Impressions

In the eyes of a child

In the eyes of a child – everything is a discovery. They welcome everything with an open mind, an open heart. They find joy and wonderment in their own shadow, the dry leaf on the ground, the dampness of the grass. 41 more words

Speaking From The Heart

An open heart.

This past Sunday, I woke up and listened to one of my favorite musicians pouring her heart out about certain aspects of her life. It was a session  Steffany Greitzinger held on worship. 296 more words

A Reminder for You

Let your mind be strong and in tune,

But not in charge.

Let words flow from

The Gem of your open heart.

Allow love to encompass… 66 more words


Don't Hold Back

There’s never a wrong time to let the special person in your life know that they are fifty shades of amazing in your eyes. Like the saying goes, “People never receive the flowers when they’re alive.” Unconditional love has no questionable sincerity. 92 more words