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Compassion In An Indifferent World

I’ve just finished reading this book, studying it. It is very profound and simple, much like all of the Dalai Lama’s teachings.
The first pic is from his speech in Central Park in 1999. 58 more words


As I get older, I realize that
the thing I value most
is good-heartedness.

~Alice Walker~

The amount of happiness you have
depends on the freedom…
23 more words


I can’t apologize for the hand that I’ve been dealt
I can’t deny my inborn propensity to turn toward hell
I lived my youth in the suburbs and even a little rural… 404 more words



I have seen this story come up a few times, you may have as well, but just in case, I wanted to share it with you! 287 more words


cards close to chest

Keeping my cards close to my chest. Straight face, flustered, excited, overwhelmed by the hand dealt. Poker face on, no emotions shown, just the unreadable face and the cards being close to the chest of a heart pounding with endless possibilities of a game entering its first round. 374 more words

What Makes You Special?

I tend to get Turtle Fright in many aspects in my life… before something has a chance to become something, I freak out and pull back and hide in my shell from the chance at actually  914 more words

Big M

Walk in Light Burning bright

You will know when guided by the light
It is there shining bright and the answers it will bring
Centered well in the light of Creator… 108 more words