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The Quest for Open Innovation

Charles Ledbeater, as can be seen in the TED talk below, coins the term Open Innovation as a continuous practice that changes the game of the economy as we know it: in the most Bottom-up spirit of product development that can be seen, it is the customers, working to cover (at first) special needs that, as an emergent result of a community of knowledge, that has nothing to do with the constraining corporate hierarchies or the endless risk-averse product-market validation processes. 103 more words


3 horizons of Cocreation

Have we entered the era of the user revenge to the technology? User has increased its position at the center of modern design. Even more, if user-centric design and design-thinking reflect the customer upstream involvement , new platforms are designed with and by customers, who act both as demanders and suppliers. 914 more words


Addressing the Culture of Innovation--and Beyond

January 25, 2011, Scottsdale Arizona @ the 10th Annual Conference on Co-Development and Open Innovation

I held my microphone down by my side, looked at Chris and asked, “Are you ready?” He nodded slowly, as if in slow motion, and replied quietly in his slight Korean accent, “Yes…ready.” 870 more words

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Open Innovation Made Simple

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about “Open Innovation,” even in this here magazine. In the past 10 years, books have been written, conferences filled to capacity, university research projects published, enabling software being sold and consulting firms aligning themselves around this new era of collaboration. 1,027 more words

Time Compression Magazine Column

Keeping Citizen Engagement Engaging

Starting at the national level with the Obama Administration’s open government initiative in 2009, there have been many attempts at crowdsourcing in various governments and public agencies. 448 more words


The value of sharing your knowhow openly

Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Faebian Bastiman, PhD.
Faebian is one of the few experts in III-V nanowires on Si(111) substrates. You can follow his blog at… 644 more words