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Open Marriage?

“I’ve always wondered about open marriage. Since I found out that some famous people successfully have them, I wanted to know more. I needed to write a book that examined the true definition of cheating in an open marriage. 53 more words

Plastic Confidence

I'm back.

Apparently, I’ve had writer’s block. Mine took the form of copping out and blaming life. No time.

If I’m really going to get off my ass and write some fiction in 2015, form to be determined, I have to make time to write. 136 more words

HNThumper LXVII: Break in the action

Today’s HNT is the first I’ve posted that I didn’t take myself… 115 more words

Life With Belle

The Greek God Part 2

At first, The Greek God behaved very similarly to the way he did when we first shared that hot tub. He avoided my eyes, found distractions, and commented on how glad he was we could be comfortable friends around each other. 861 more words

So What if a Couple Agrees to Have a Little on the Side? Chris Ryan on Marriage

The loosing of restrictions outside of marriage might help the institution as a whole, argues Christopher Ryan in his Big Think interview. When our culture responds negatively to natural urges, like seeking sexual satisfaction outside marriage, the results can do more harm to marriages than good: 198 more words


55. when sal went away (a.k.a. I need to get fucked)

It’s hard to believe I was once held captive by mom jeans, sensible hair, leaky nipples, and vagina covered in cobwebs.  I must say, after getting fucked good and hard a few times by the Spaniard years ago (thank you, Spaniard, even though you hate me now) I came back stronger than ever and I simply cannot fathom a life without sex now.   1,199 more words


I'm An Adulteress and I Kinda Don't Care

Today, I was killing time during my lunch hour watching steamy clips of Jake & Olivia and Olivia & Fitz from the TV show Scandal–a show I don’t watch but seem to know a lot about. 740 more words