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Open Marriage?

Money Check in:  It’s been at least 6 days since my last post; so my money check in is bound to be a bit sloppy.  I was a little over on a couple days and a little over on some.   899 more words

I'm the Bees Knees Cuz I Get on My Knees

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed something about my Senor Grey. He is a little insecure for various reasons that I will not play psychiatrist and try to analyze. 384 more words


Coming Out - An Introduction

Hello, my name is Penn Raker, and I am an aromantic (naturally unable to form emotional/romantic attachments), greysexual (only sometimes feel sexual attraction and rarely the urge to act upon it) gay (sexually attracted to the same sex) human (I hope you know what this one is, but the state of today’s society makes me doubtful). 1,148 more words


Liars, Cheaters And Flaking Eyeballs

When I was a young man of maybe twenty or so and Disco (Yes, I went there) was on its way out, straight people began frequenting my favorite gay bar in town, mostly because of the great music. 531 more words


How my open marriage began

Before my husband and I were even really dating we had expressed that neither of us believed that monogamous relationships were natural. But in the beginning we weren’t sure where to begin and truthfully were so in love with each other that neither of us wanted to share just yet. 158 more words


More than just being tied up

One thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately is BDSM. I’ve spoken before about how I go through periods where I crave it, absolutely ache for it. 521 more words

Random Thoughts

Helping a Friend Open Her Marriage

There are no books or articles on helping a friend through her decision to open her marriage. I wish there were, because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. 769 more words

Here And Now