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I don't understand open marriages

I’m watching Project Runway All Stars and Fabio Costa, one of the contestants (who should have won his season, IMO), mentioned that he is in an open relationship with his partner. 652 more words


Living with Strong & Competing Emotions

On Saturday, a few hours before my first date with Renee, I got a message from my ex Anne. I hadn’t heard from her since we broke up in August. 486 more words

Open Marriage

52. sal's first date

When Sal went on his coffee date with MC, the poly woman from OKC, while I was on vacation in Radiator Springs with the hubs, the kids, and the in-laws.   1,641 more words


Prom Ago And Far Away: A true tale from another life

This one goes out to my new friend Gardener. Friday night we talked about our writing styles and I mentioned to him that I’d been meaning to dig this story up and post it. 1,711 more words

The Fat Sex Goddess Goes for the 2-Pointer

Wednesday was a hell of a day for my clit and vagina. I had at least 5 orgasms. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling aroused after a pretty steamy dream I had about Senor Grey taking me in my marriage bed. 568 more words


In the shadow

I’ve had a stressful week. I know, that’s not a very encouraging start to a post on a blog about kinky sexual practices.

I’m starting to wonder if I don’t have some kind of pathological disorder when it comes to getting stressed out about otherwise totally achievable tasks when they start to pile up. 1,176 more words

Life With Belle

Death of a Coping Mechanism

One of the best parts of my life is being surrounded by supportive and loving people who also know how to help me process when I am feeling both good and bad…and like this week, feeling both good/excited/happy and bad/frustrated/sad/upset/hurt at the same damn moment. 499 more words

Open Marriage