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Roshan Institute Poetry Night!

When: Monday, October 27th at 7:30PM

Where: 1120 Susquehanna Hall.

We will be remembering the life and work of the Poet Gheysar Aminpour.

Please bring poems to share at our Open Mic Poetry Night!


Celebrate a Decade of Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic with Christopher Luna, Toni Partington, and Featured Reader Peggy Barnett November 13, 2014

In November 2004, Christopher Luna founded what later came to be known as Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic. At the time there were very few poetry events in Vancouver, WA. 439 more words

Christopher Luna

Echos of Our Lives

In a small and dimly lit room in the back of the Uptown Arts Bar you can find a small stage with a microphone standing in the center where every Wednesday night anyone can share their thoughts and feelings in the form of a poem, rap or song. 701 more words


Speech Therapy is back this Thursday! After a successful showing at the Notts festival of words it’s back to the business of the monthly po-down! 49 more words

Competition time!

I’ve been kind of slipping in my updates here.

Probably because competition season has eaten into standup time. Sure you might say “Well, why not go do standup somewhere else?” The answer being there are two other comedy clubs around here, plus a number of open-mics. 320 more words