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Is The West Really Leading Women's Rights?

As it turns out, Western news sources have given us quite a one-sided view of the women’s rights movement. Either we’re told of the problems in Western society, or we’re told of the many atrocities that are still part of every day life elsewhere. 711 more words


Why You Should Play Video Games

Check your silly assumptions at the door. I’ve got five reasons why you should play video games now. Your old excuses just won’t cut it anymore. 340 more words

Video Games

Zoob's Law

I encourage everyone to find the truth that makes you happy. We will never grow if we close our minds to truth. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. 172 more words

Essential Oils

Maybe it's Both

It’s funny. Losing my virginity to a stranger should have been the worse day in my life, trust me, it was for a moment, but it has also made me more willing to give guys a chance. 23 more words

Why US Involvement In Syria Is Actually Illegal

The United States has been involved in political conflicts in the Middle East for decades already, and in all that time, it has claimed to be acting perfectly in accordance with international law. 896 more words


Point of View

On my way back to work (after lunch), I saw this bakery and bought a 4″high cupcake.

When I got back to the office, I started to scoop out the icing and thought: (let me take a picture so I can make a blog, but seriously,) 81 more words


Voicing opinion vs being aggressive

Once in a blue moon I would come across a very distinctive creature. They usually prowl among other similar to them but they stick out like a sword thumb. 574 more words