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Sometimes, there are daisies in the attic.

It just really sucks when people shut you down.
I have so many opinions, thoughts and ideas and I’d rather not feel insecure about them. 241 more words


Russell Brand ‘open-minded’ about who was behind 9/11 attacks

Comedian refers to ‘interesting’ relationship between Bush and Bin Laden during appearance on BBC2’s Newsnight programme

Source: The Guardian

Comedian Russell Brand said he was “open-minded” about the idea that the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks during a second appearance on BBC2’s flagship Newsnight programme. 160 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Keeping an open mind is exhausting, but so important

I am not programmed to be non-judgmental. It takes a lot of conscious effort to keep an open mind when it comes to considering the situations of others. 266 more words


Western Propaganda in Action: The Irony of the “Ukrainian” Elections

Ukraine has voted for Europe. That seems to be the message sent out by most Western news sources after the results of the parliamentary election began to come in. 728 more words



Uma marca pessoal orgânica significa “obviamente” que o detentor apresenta uma mente proactiva e com pensamento harmonioso. É por isso que hoje destaco as vantagens de se trabalhar a vivência diária de uma visão orientada para as soluções e oportunidades que se evidenciam em todas as dificuldades, e de se fazer um esforço para se retirar de todas as situações apenas aquilo que poderá “elevar” cada indivíduo, ignorando tudo o que o poderá incomodar ou causar-lhe “desequilíbrio”. 270 more words

The journey into the lost use of senses

A few days ago I was part of a workshop, by Melissa Trimingham, on her recent project: Imagining Autism. Witch is a collaboration between the disciplines of drama and psychology that seeks to remediate the difficulties that autistic children have with communication, social interaction and imagination. 652 more words

Eduard Claudiu Vasile

The Best Thinkers Have These 7 'Thinking Dispositions'

There’s another benefit to having this outlook. The developmental psychologist Carol Dweck has shown that having a growth mindset — where you think your outcomes come through effort rather than innate talent — leads to success for kids and grownups alike.

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