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Being the Change

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” – Maya Angelou

Ever since I stopped eating meat…

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My take on beliefs and interpretations

Hi there.

Last time i did some definition-gibberish. Wasnt the most exicting stuff i assume, but its necessary if you want to talk about that kind of stuff (it would be even necessary to define it more clearly and to define even more… but lets do that when we need it, right?) 772 more words


Shut down.

Am I in a bad mood? I don’t know. I am in the sort of mood where I want to roll around on the carpet and slide down the stairs naked on my stomach, getting carpet burns that feel good when I rub sudo cream on them. 231 more words

Open or Closed Door?

Are you an OPEN or CLOSED door?

In the world do you show up open to people or are you closed? By this I mean, do you attempt to meet people with an open-mind or a closed one. 262 more words

Womb Envy Wednesday - The End.

That’s all folks. It is with a slight note of sadness that I pen my last Womb Envy Wednesday post. I had my last therapy session today. 532 more words


Definitions related to the field of parapsychology

Hi there.

I actually wanted to do a post last saturday, but some stuff did hold me up.

Anyways, lets get into it. Ive got quite a lot of stuff i want to write about. 1,314 more words