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When an ignorant call you “atheist”.

When an ignorant call you “atheist”.

There are so many variety of religions… which one do you want me to belief in for you not to call me an atheist? 438 more words

Be You

I always talk bout how you need to open your eyes and your heart to love. It’s important for happiness, to be open-minded. But you need to close your mind to negative things. 287 more words

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Why We Really Get Fat: Added Sugar And The Myth Of The "Calorie"

Nutrition, calories and weight gain are things almost everyone at least knows something about. But that doesn’t mean any of our “knowledge” is true. Science has advanced, yet we’re still stuck on old principles dating back all the way to the 1950s, such as “eat less, exercise more, and you’ll be healthy.” It doesn’t work that way. 916 more words


Soooo I've been into that psychic stuff lately...


How does that happen? How is that supposed to happen.

I think numerology might me right, I am the artistic type. 762 more words

Grandma's Apple Strainer

Way back in my twenties, when I was a young mother with 2 small children and no free time, I decided to make homemade applesauce. I do not know what I was thinking, what with the no free time thing and all, but it must have had something to do with the joy of living in Michigan in autumn, access to plentiful, fresh picked apples, and a desire to provide something other than store bought processed applesauce to my kids. 452 more words


Transform Any Negative Pattern

 To have wonderful relationships we must be good to ourselves and then we can be good to others.  We treat others only as well as we treat otherselves.   34 more words


Are Islamic Countries Violent, Extremist and Anti-Democratic?

“You don’t think the Justice system in Muslim countries is somehow more primitive or subjugates women more than in other countries?” That is a question… 919 more words