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What's new in Visual Studio 2013

I’ve been using VS2013 for a little while now and I love what I see. Year after year, I can clearly see the hard work and dedication that the team at Microsoft is putting in building better tools. 228 more words

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Lessons Learned: Setting up TVHeadend for live TV streaming in Malta

I recently had the opportunity of setting up a system which captures free-to-air channels and streams them over IP for use by TV set-top boxes such as RaspBMC (or plain old XBMC). 304 more words


Bau eines virtuellen Netzwerks mit Virtualbox


in diesem Artikel erkläre ich euch, wie man ganz ohne Kosten und vollkommen legal ein virtuelles Netzwerk baut, mit dem man sich mit den gängigen Linux-Tools zur Netzwerkwartung, Netzwerkanalyse und Penetrationtesting auseinandersetzen kann. 726 more words

Building Bridges for Enterprise Mobility with NodeJS

When mobilizing a company, there will be challenges to gain access to platforms, data and processes, that are siloed of in monolithic stacks and session based transports. 405 more words

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Building a low energy consuming PfSense machine


I started off running pfSense virtualized on a Microsoft Hyper-V instance. This turned out to work perfectly smooth with the legacy network adapters in Hyper-V, however the speeds achieved through the virtual network interface are pretty bad. 1,360 more words


Install pfSense on VMware ESXi Hypervisor

Hello everybody,

Today a post about how to install pfSense on a virtual server. The adventage of a virtual service is that you can run multiple services on 1 server, thus optimizing your server hardware. 907 more words


Half way through the Internship with Wikimedia

Since it has been already six weeks passed and this is the seventh week of the FOSS OPW internship from this blog post I thought of speaking my overall experience in during the past weeks. 234 more words

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