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Writing a JavaFX PDF Viewer plugin for Netbeans – 10. Integrating our plugin into NetBeans with callback

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In previous parts we integrated our NetBeans plugin into our Open Source JavaFX PDF viewer so that we can now display it inside a NetBeans TopComponent. 112 more words


eBook: Python for Scientists

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Python is a free, open source, easy-to-use software tool that offers a significant alternative to proprietary packages such as… 180 more words


Asynchronous JavaScript at Netflix

What’s does a mouse drag event have in common with an Array of numbers?
The answer to this question may surprise you: they are both collections. 165 more words


Announcing the Open Source Node.js LoopBack API Gateway

Click to Read: This morning, we released the open-source version of the LoopBack API Gateway. It’s been quite a while from the time we added a “Gateway” box in our architectural diagram marked as a “work in progress.” Before starting development, we wanted to gather customer use cases to make sure it addressed real-world needs. 26 more words


.NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community

Things are being awesome!!! Microsoft is going bold with .NET as Open Source.
It will be available on Mac and Linux and the Visual Studio Community is going to benefit as never before. 34 more words

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