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LED as both photo-detector and emitter

A. Background

LED is now so widely used in our life to provide various illumination that we almost forget that LED is essentially a photodiode, that is, it can respond to light.  720 more words


The Caveats of Dual-Licensing

We’ve been in business for more than one year now with our dual-licensing strategy for jOOQ. While this strategy has worked very well for us, it has also been a bit of a challenge for some of our customers. 712 more words


My first release for the Open Source class

We were tasked with implementing a command called `du` in filer. Now, I am already a contributor to filer so I know about how stuff works in there and what would be expected in this assignment. 406 more words


BuildmLearn Toolkit 2.0.4 now available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

We are happy to announce a major update to BuildmLearn Toolkit (version 2.0.4) today. Over the last couple of months we have refined the user experience of toolkit to a great extent. 385 more words

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DbFit 3.1.0 has been released

DbFit 3.1.0 has been released today and is available for download here.

Release date: 9 September 2014

With this release we introduce support for Netezza and greatly enhanced support for Teradata. 77 more words

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Software Licenses and how we as contributors are screwed

It is well known that proprietary licenses offered by companies such as Apple, Microsoft, etc. are designed in such a way that we can’t see how the magic behind the scenes happens (how iOS works, how Visual Studio is able to make code appear out of no where…). 496 more words

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Ian Sommerville’s blog provoked this post, as it gave another chance to talk about copyright:


It’s all wrapped up in the monopoly grants of copyright. 412 more words