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Adoption : VLC Media Player

Following on from my last post, I have chosen VLC Media Player as my adopted project to research and explore over the next few weeks. In this post I will explain how VLC follows the basic principles of FOSS, and reference the information I have used. 309 more words

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My first contribution to Webmaker App...

Hey everyone,

So I’m a little late in writing my blog and I apologize for my horrible time management.

I was working on the bug I planned on… 456 more words

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FOSS : VLC Media Player

Last weeks research was quite eye-opening for me, as I discovered that an application I use on an almost daily basis, is indeed Free and open-source software (FOSS) : VLC Media Player by VideoLAN. 572 more words

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UI is not my thing!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for being away for a week. Have had a lot going on and just couldn’t find the time to voice my thoughts. 373 more words

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LED as both photo-detector and emitter

A. Background

LED is now so widely used in our life to provide various illumination that we almost forget that LED is essentially a photodiode, that is, it can respond to light.  720 more words


The Caveats of Dual-Licensing

We’ve been in business for more than one year now with our dual-licensing strategy for jOOQ. While this strategy has worked very well for us, it has also been a bit of a challenge for some of our customers. 712 more words


My first release for the Open Source class

We were tasked with implementing a command called `du` in filer. Now, I am already a contributor to filer so I know about how stuff works in there and what would be expected in this assignment. 406 more words

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