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RISC creator is pushing open source chips for cloud computing and the internet of things

Fed up with the limitations of current computer chips and their related intellectual property, a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, is pushing an open source alternative. 726 more words

Cloud Computing

CHUCKWAGON design files from DEF CON 22 are released

The schematic, EAGLE CAD files, and Bill of Materials for the CHUCKWAGON I2C adapter as presented at DEFCON22 are now available. You can buy the board directly from… 235 more words


Five Minutes with Brad Hill and the LittleRP 3D Printer

Brad Hill has designed a new 3D printer called the LittleRP that will be launching on Kickstarter today. It’s one of a crop of new affordable resin printers on the scene, and I caught up to him to discuss how it came to be and where it’s going next. 929 more words

3D Printing

What is Arduino and what can it do?

According to Wikipedia, Arduino is a single-board microcontroller, intended to make the application of interactive objects or environments more accessible. The hardware consists of an open-source hardware board designed around an 8-bit Atmel AVR microcontroller, or a 32-bit Atmel ARM. 346 more words


Parallax Propeller 1 Goes Open Source

Parallax has embraced open source hardware by releasing the source code to its Propeller 1 processor (P8X32A). Designed by and released in 2006, the 32-bit octal core Propeller has built up a loyal fan base.  268 more words


What is Open Source Photonics?

To a photonics professional, it is indeed a lot of fun working in this field. However, when turning ideas into real products, a big challenge is to wait for help from other professionals like electrical engineers, firmware engineers, etc., since you know, it’s hard to be professional in every field. 134 more words

Open Source Hardware

Future's so Bright, I Gotta Wear LED Shades

Garrett Mace of macetech LLC creates awesome LED projects, including the ultra-cool LED Shades. His original design, which he created back in 2012, has now been made available under an OSHW-compatible license. 193 more words