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Q&A: KickSat's Zac Manchester and Andy Filo

Back in 2011, Zac Manchester launched a Kickstarter for hundreds of small satellites, to be programmed by backers. The Sprites, as these little “chipsats” are called, would be packed into a CubeSat, via a mechanism built by Andy Filo, and launched aboard SpaceX’s CRS-3 rocket. 1,816 more words


DIY Satellites: Now and Near Future

Space is becoming increasingly accessible to more people thanks to plummeting costs, weight, and energy use of the technologies needed for freeflying satellites to sense and direct their orientation, communicate with the ground, and perform complicated computations in real time on orbit. 1,404 more words


BeagleBone Black is Back

Hey @jadon! Someone ate up the world supply of #Beagleboneblack. Do you have any inside skinny on restocking?

— Kipp Bradford (@kippworks) December 3, 2013…

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The World's First Open Source Laptop Makes its Debut

Does the world want an open source laptop? We’re about to find out.

The hardware/software team of bunnie Huang and Xobs are offering their highly hackable, portable Novena computers to backers on the… 305 more words


Chris Lee Talks About Greebli.es and the Millennium Falcon Project

What do you do after you’ve joined the 501st Legion, made an Imperial Storm Trooper costume, built a full-scale R2-D2, and married a wife named Leah (pronounced… 640 more words


Yes, open source hardware is taking flight!

Writing for OpenSource.com, Jason Baker of Red Hat notes that one of the best open source drone communities he’s come across is DIY drones… 343 more words


Mathilde Berchon talks open source hardware for devs

Writing for the EETimes, MakingSociety.com founder Mathilde Berchon offers some valuable advice to startups using open source hardware.

“The open-hardware movement started with prototyping tools. 410 more words

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