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Cyber experts warn of 'Bash' security bug danger

NEW YORK – New warnings are emerging of a security flaw known as the “Bash” bug, which cyber experts say may pose a serious threat to computers using Unix-based operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. 96 more words

Government And Politics

Engineers Vs. Thugs: The Power Of Bitcoin, Cryptography & Technology

Bitcoin Is An Idea

Bitcoin Is An Alternate Medium Of Exchange

Bitcoin Is A Source For Coders, Programmers And Engineers

Bitcoin Is A Political Statement To The Ever Expansive State And It’s Monopoly Of Control… 240 more words

The Inner Workings

Two features that help precision modeling in Blender 2.6x

How precision and unit work?

Most buildings and houses are few centimeters off from design specification that is acceptable error. Furniture and door / window frame are few milliliters off. 640 more words


Leadership, fawgawdsake!

In a Google+ post last week, Aaron Seigo rightfully ripped into “community managers” — quotes intentional, because it doesn’t really apply to all who are in charge of keeping a community functioning (more on this later) — generally who lead from above or by “star power” rather than leading by the consensus of the community. 846 more words


Q6. What are Open Source Software?

Q6. What are Open Source Software?

Ans. Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. 11 more words

Launching open-source projects is easy, keeping them running well? Not so much

Facebook, which has already blazed trails in the open-source movement, launched a new project called TODO (short for “Talk Openly, Develop Openly”) that aims to help other organizations progress down the open-source route.  305 more words