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Mutually rewarding partnerships

Last week we received our new Red Hat Premier Middleware Business Partner logo for use across our marketing communication materials.

It’s fair to say that in general terms, many resellers and integrators don’t do themselves any favours with a culture of ‘badge collecting’ – spurred on by vendors keen to have an army of ‘experts’ out in the field, making the accreditation little more than a tick box exercise in an attempt to bolster their presence in the marketplace. 382 more words


Difference between Oracle JDK and Open JDK

Oracle JDK is the commercial version while Open JDK is the open source version. Basically Oracle JDK and Open JDK has the same contents, but Open JDK uses open  source software. 37 more words


ideological self-flagellation

Last year I had an internship where I had to take along my own crappy netbook. On it, I hadn’t shelled out for a copy of Microsoft Office, and was instead using the mostly excellent… 557 more words


Microsoft might finally be committing to open source

Microsoft is known for keeping its programming secrets to itself. But under CEO Satya Nadella, the maker of proprietary behemoths like Windows and Microsoft Office is starting to show up in the world of open-source software, whose code is public for anyone to see, borrow from and tinker with. 369 more words

Standardized open source products are the key to unlocking the lock-in trap

When it comes to software and cloud services, the concept of lock-in has a heightened meaning. Vendor lock-in exists in all industries, but no where does it take you more by surprise than in software and cloud services. 855 more words

Information Activist 2

If “activist” means striving to force a change in government policy, then I am not one of them.

It seems I often have to explain why we are not supposed to participate in democratic government: It’s fundamentally immoral. 600 more words


PySolFC on CentOS 7: Tk Errors

So you either built it from SRPMs or simply got the necessary libraries and got the source. Either way, you’ve got PySolFC on your CentOS/RHEL 7 machine and it won’t work. 190 more words