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Hello World

Hi! I’m starting this blog to document my experiences as an OPW intern.

What’s OPW? The Outreach Program for Women is a part of The… 160 more words

GNOME Foundation

Bitcoin Is Better Than Western Union

Western Union Is Somewhat Of A Joke These Days. It’s Monopoly On Money Transfers Services Which Goes Back To The Days When Telegraphs Were A Popular Form Of Communication. 144 more words

The Inner Workings

Encrypt Your Flash Drives Using Debian Or Ubuntu Linux

Protect Your Flash Drives Via An Encryption Program Called Cryptsetup With Debian Or Ubuntu. The Purpose Of Encryption Is To Secure That Data Contained Within It. 142 more words

Free Open Source Software

PSmisc System Administration Tools

PSmisc is a collection of system administration tools as briefly described in one of my prior posts.

The upstream website for Siege is available… 1,045 more words


Siege HTTP Benchmarking Utility

Siege is an HTTP benchmarking utility as briefly described in one of my prior posts.

The upstream website for Siege is available here. The source is also available in the downloads section, or just click… 580 more words



Let’s take a look at the two packages I have chosen to work with for the Linaro Performance Challenge.


Siege is an http load testing and benchmarking utility.

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CTSC Biomedical Informatics Core to Offer CTSC Partners Free Training and Access to NYoSh Data Analysis Workbench for High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis

The biomedical informatics core of the CTSC is starting to offer the NYoSh Data Analysis Workbench to analyze high-throughput sequencing (HTS) data. This Data Analysis Workbench is being developed to facilitate data analysis for biomedical scientists with minimal computational skills. 374 more words

Weill Cornell CTSC