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Darktable Photo Manager 1.4.2 for Linux, Mac OS & Solaris

Darktable is an Open Source Photo Image Manager for Linux and Mac OS. It’s similar to Adobe Lightroom for the PC or Apple Aperature for OSX. 348 more words


What about ?

What about adding sorting order ["Ascending" & "Descending"] dedicated to the grouping set ["Album" & "Format"] as you see in the image:Please vote:

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RISC-V - Open Hardware coming to us?

There is no question: Open Source Software is a success. In the beginning of computing it went without saying that software was distributed along with the source code for it. 1,556 more words


First(ish) Impressions of Postgres

I’ve had Postgres installed at home for quite a while now but not really explored it in detail.  As I’ve recently been digging more into open source software in general, and Python in particular (more on which later, probably), I’ve become more motivated to focus on a relational database which is itself open source and sits well within the rest of that stack. 1,253 more words

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Taiwan's Pioneering Conference on Data Science台灣資料科學愛好者年會: Day 2 Highlights

Chairman Prof. Sheng-Wei Chen said over 750 people attended the event.  

Data scientists in Taiwan had an exciting weekend at Academia Sinica. Over 750 people attended the 1st Data Science Conference on August 30th and 31st in Taipei, Taiwan. 344 more words


Automation by Capitalists Vs. Automation by Workers

The dynamics of automation cannot be properly discussed without considering who controls the means of production.   1,131 more words


Is IRC back, just now in professional attire?

This sounds, like IRC is back - just in a professional way and already connected to everything a development team could dream of. It has just about everything conected, from chatting, video conferencing, screensharing,  agile project management, source code hosting, quality assurance support, continuous integration, tons of online ruby developer tools, uptime monitoring and crash reporting, performance analysis, to all different flavors of helpdesk and even scheduling  services. Sounds pretty wow.