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CAMdrive is an Open Source Time-lapse Photography Controller

has been working on an open source project he calls CAMdrive. CAMdrive is designed to be a multi-axis controller for time-lapse photography. It currently only supports a single axis, but he’s looking for help in order to expand the functionality. 226 more words


Flexibility. The Trader's Best Friend

Nowadays, with trading volumes down and new clients scarce, brokers are trying all their best tricks – and a few of their worst – in a desperate bid to lock in traders for the longest period of time possible. 509 more words


Why Fort Erie Council Needs a Librarian

It’s been almost two months since school ended for me. I had managed to get all of my work done on time, and I have been preparing for life in the workforce ever since. 1,375 more words


Mozilla & FOSDEM

This morning I visited the Mozilla HQ, a large and welcoming space, with very nice people around. The space has an open area with a big coffee bar where external events happen, fostering serendipity among Mozillians and people from outside. 102 more words


iOS 8 Safari Action Extension; UIWebView Zoom, Scale, Scroll Position and JavaScript

For the upcoming action extension in Transloader, I’m using a UIWebView to show the webpage the user is currently browsing, so they can tap on a link they’d like to download: 596 more words


Week 2 Discussion

Using the definitions of information in chapter 2, which definition do you think best is applicable in our current electronic society? Give an example of an instance where this definition is applicable and accurate to our modern information culture. 545 more words

Nightcap - Jan 28

Online behavior and open source are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar