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From Open Standards to Open Source? The Rise of New Facilitators

Over at his Open Enterprise Blog, Glyn Moody explains “Why Open Source is Replacing Open Standards” by quoting Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin, as follows: 352 more words

Miscellaneous Governance Issues

Gaenovium – Keys to Open Data and Open Standards

On 7 October 2014, a group of genealogy technologists gathered in Leiden, The Netherlands, for the first Gaenovium conference. Although small with around 25 delegates, it was certainly forward looking and shows promise of things to come. 667 more words

Genealogy Issues

Universal Software Principles

Universal Software is software that can be used natively on any device and guarantees universal reuse, extension, and maintenance.

The four fundamental principles of universal software are: 640 more words

Best Practice

Big software discovers little gadgets: What I learned at Oracle's OpenWorld

I dropped in on Oracle OpenWorld earlier this month, a lonely mobile analyst in a sea of big iron and ERP. Given the balance of Oracle’s revenues, I was surprised to see how much stage time the company gave to small devices that move. 709 more words

Do you Hunger for Open Standard solutions?

John Rezabek, in the latest issue of Control Magazine presents a simple question “Do users hunger for open standards?” If not, why not? Are the benefits of open standards just not clear or are they simply pushed to the back of a list of priorities? 219 more words

Uganda's Policy and Strategy on FOSS and Open Standards

The National IT Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) has released, for public review,  The National Free and Open Source Software, and Open Standards Draft Policy. Download PDF Here: … 428 more words


Good News Roundup Podcast

The effects of the Alice v. CLS Bank Supreme Court case have been felt in the recent Federal Court of appeals, Digitech case. The court decided to not even check for infringements, as the initial image processing software was deemed not to be a significant improvement to the computer, but merely a computer implementing a non‑patent‑eligible technique. 54 more words