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An interview with Professor Andrew Russell

Open Standards and the Digital Age: History, Ideology, and Networks is a book written by Professor Andrew Russell about the history of communication and information networks, including the Internet, as well as standards and openness. 382 more words

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Clang with C11 Shows the Compiler in Great Shape

The design of the Clang compiler is showing greater benefits these days as the team behind it continues to add real value. The news that… 63 more words

Open Standards

Open Source Security Contributions

Like in other areas of technology, open source is not stranger to the zeal to create technology with a focus on functionality. A focus on functionality. 244 more words

Open Standards

Video Games are Coming to Linux in Dramatic Fashion

Video games on Linux will be a major game changer for the platform of both games and the operating systems based on Linux. The incentives are there, … 131 more words

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From Open Standards to Open Source? The Rise of New Facilitators

Over at his Open Enterprise Blog, Glyn Moody explains “Why Open Source is Replacing Open Standards” by quoting Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin, as follows: 352 more words

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Gaenovium – Keys to Open Data and Open Standards

On 7 October 2014, a group of genealogy technologists gathered in Leiden, The Netherlands, for the first Gaenovium conference. Although small with around 25 delegates, it was certainly forward looking and shows promise of things to come. 667 more words

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Universal Software Principles

Universal Software is software that can be used natively on any device and guarantees universal reuse, extension, and maintenance.

The four fundamental principles of universal software are: 640 more words

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