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The AllSeen Alliance changes its IP stance after Iotivity launch

After getting hammered on its intellectual property rights by Intel’s competing Iotivity standards effort, the AllSeen Alliance, which is promoting Qualcomm-backed AllJoyn protocol, is offering users a patent pledge… 383 more words

Boost Summary - Library Description By Category

You have probably heard of the Boost libraries if you are familiar with C++. The Boost libraries known for providing useful functions not in the… 311 more words

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Global Internet from SpaceX

I think Google, SpaceX, and Fidelity Investments could bring the Internet to the whole world. It is reported that a partnership of this trio may drive the push for major satellite internet. 53 more words

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Niceness of Linus Torvalds

The person of Linus Torvalds was criticized as not being nice. He responded well to this characterization. I have my own ideas about Linus Torvalds. They are as follows: 86 more words

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2014 in review

Automated WordPress.com 2014 annual report for this blog covering various posting and viewing statistics. 41 more words

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A Complaint of ODF’s Asian Language Support

I have recently read about news about better support for ODF from Google. The author then went on to complain that neither Google nor Microsoft makes ‘it easy to use ODF as part of a workflow’. 994 more words