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IndieWeb advocates launch Known so bloggers can be social and still control their content

Does the world really need a new blogging platform? Haven’t we already moved beyond that, thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus? Perhaps — but not everyone believes that’s a good thing. 780 more words

Rebranding challenge from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo - Internet Equity vs. Net Neutrality

As I was working on a chapter in a book I am currently writing (working title – “Connected:”), I came across a challenge from California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to “launch a contest on Reddit to rebrand ‘net neutrality’—the term used to describe the principle of all Internet traffic being created equal and that it should be treated as such” 677 more words

Why should I care about the open Web?

What Does Mozilla Firefox Means When We Say “Open” ?

Mozilla, the makers of  Firefox, champion and protect the open Web. But a lot of you have asked, what does that mean? 596 more words

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Don't like Facebook owning and controlling your content? Use tools that support the open Web

When it comes to content — personal or professional — Facebook is a classic double-edged sword: it has such incredible reach that you almost have to use it, and it can drive huge amounts of traffic to your content. 743 more words

Open Source ain't Charity

We’re spending real money on open source. Since hapi has been almost exclusively developed by the mobile team at Walmart, we had to justify the significant expense in open source the same way we justify any other expenditures. 417 more words

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