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Handout: Licensing Office 365 through Open and OV

Do you need a good summary of how Office 365 is licensed through Open and Open Value agreements? Our handout is just two pages giving you all the key information in an easy to follow format. 7 more words


I’m terrified of the ongoing flow of life
The not knowing where the streams turn into rivers
And seas meet the land

I hide from the light of the future… 94 more words


Day 33/34 - Emotional lady. Talk to me people!

Seems I’m a little bit of a trail blazer….a mate from work has graced me with his presence. All of my feedback and honesty about the previous clinic must of filtered down(or up)….that or I was really fucked up and so was this guy so they decided to send him here because I’m doing remarkably well! 1,419 more words

The Triple D


I’m opening

I’m coming

I’m breaking

I’m broke¬†open

broken open does

not mean I’m broken

I open,

I’m hoping

my mind broken; I open, 13 more words


Open Storage Concepts 2012 : Add Style To Your Kitchen

See how open shelves add storage and style to your kitchen.

Open Shelves for Farmhouse Style  Eschewing upper cabinets for shelves or simply leaving walls bare is a farmhouse tradition. 19 more words

OER's and Conquering the Digital Divide

What does the digital divide mean in this proposition? At first glance definitions seem to revolve around the differences in race, geography, economic status and gender in accessing information through the Internet in the developing world. 553 more words


4c: The alchemy of non-coherence (soften and open)

This meditation is led in such a way that the alchemy of the step is made clear. Soften and open is the result of breathing light into something (mind, feeling nature, body, and such). 79 more words

Entry Level Meditations