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[Tutorial] SciPy and OpenCV as an interactive computing environment for computer vision

In research and development (R&D), interactive computing environments are a frequently employed alternative for data exploration, algorithm development and prototyping. In the last twelve years, a popular scientific computing environment flourished around the Python programming language. 108 more words

Computer Vision

Error: Can not get new positive sample


I was in the process of training a cascade classifier. I had exactly 354 positive samples and yet I got this error from opencv_traincascade… 262 more words

How to calibrate camera using OpenCV

Whether you are using a RGB or a depth camera in your setup, you will first need to calibrate it to be able to undistort the resulting image and to obtain 3D coordinates of depth values. 391 more words

How to train OpenCV cascade classifier

OpenCV ships with an application that can be used to train a cascade classifier. The steps to prepare your data and train the classifier can be quite elaborate. 577 more words

Playing card detection using OpenCV (Mark V)

I am busy building a poker bot using a webcam, my Raspberry Pi computer and some Python code. Why? Because Peters, my Dutch lodger, has won so many late-night card games against me that he now owns the deeds to my house. 1,324 more words


How OpenCV accesses the camera on Android

I had been having trouble accessing camera imagery on some Android devices using OpenCV. All of the devices were from the same manufacturer, but had different versions of Android on them. 78 more words


EmguCV on the Raspberry Pi with Mono

These are my notes on getting OpenCV working on the raspberry pi with mono. In order to use OpenCV with C#, we will use EmguCV… 1,047 more words