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Augmented Reality Pinball

Pinball machines are fascinating pieces of mechanical and electrical engineering, and now and his students at the Israel Institute of Technology has taken the classic game one step further.   173 more words

Misc Hacks

Text recognition using OpenCV 3.0


Download Tesseract.

sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Installing language data
Read the instructions in the Language Data section

OpenCV 3.0… 105 more words


OCR on Raspberry Pi

Monita, my Hispanic maid, has had a great idea for a children’s TV programme. ‘I will call it Mr Fruit,’ she told me, whilst working a Brillo Pad over my steel bathtub. 747 more words


Playing with OpenCV in Scala to do face detection with Haarcascade classifier using a webcam

Detecting objects in images has been used in many applications: auto tagging pictures (e.g. Facebook, Phototime), counting the number of people in a street(e.g. … 1,374 more words

Machine Learning

[OpenCV] Setup OpenCV trên Ubuntu 10.04

  • Ubuntu 10.04 x64
  • CMake
  • OpenCV 2.4.9
  • Python 2.6.5

[#1] Setup môi trường

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install cmake
$ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
$ sudo apt-get install python-numpy… 246 more words

Lego detection using OpenCV (Mark III)

Arkwood, my scruffy Belgian buddy, was convinced that Lego policemen were watching him, waiting to arrest him for smoking marijuana. ‘They’re over by the plant pots!’ he shrieked, ‘I can’t even light up a joint without fear of being banged up.’ In order to relieve his addled brain, I created some Python code on my Raspberry Pi computer that… 766 more words