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A DIY Geomagnetic Observatory

teaches physics at a French High School, and to get his students interested in the natural world around them, he built a geomagnetic observatory, able to tell his students if they have a chance at seeing an aurora, or if a large truck just drove by. 143 more words

Laser Hacks

Playing card detection using OpenCV (Mark IV)

Peters, my big-boned lodger, has used his superb poker skills to win a sizable amount of cash from my coffers. Damn him! But I have a plan. 639 more words


Face Detection using openCV in Python

Hello folks, How’s it going!

Today I am going to introduce my face detection algorithm. (not a big one though) Don’t think that this is really a huge task! 422 more words


Otsu's Binarization

For global thresholding methods we gather the threshold values by trial and error. However suppose the image is Bimodal(Basically a bimodal image has two peaks in its histogram). 196 more words


OpenCV+Python:Part3--Image Thresholding

Simple Thresholding

This is as simple as it sounds. You take a threshold pixel value. Anything above(or below) that value is assigned a certain predefined pixel value that you wish. 347 more words


OpenCV+Python:Part3--Geometric Transformations

In this post I will explain how to go about rotating or translating images.


Scaling can be done by using the cv2.resize() function.The size can be provided manually or a scaling factor can be given. 514 more words


NBI Endoscopy Image Processing Paper

Two years ago I was sending a paper for publication at the World Congress on Computacional Mechanics, WCCM 2012, that happened in São Paulo, Brazil. 119 more words

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