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Building VTK User Interfaces: Mid-Way Summary and Next Steps

Up to now, the focus has been on setting up the system and building the 3D environment. With this all baked in, the remaining posts will add all the components that make it into a complete system. 180 more words


Logitech camera and auto focus

The HD Pro WebCam C920 along with all their later model cameras come with auto focus. This can be an issue when scanning. The CEBSCAN source has system commands it calls to deactivate auto focus and set manual focus. 90 more words


Source code naming convention explanation

Since modification of the Fabscan software is so extensive due to the addition of vertical scanning and dual laser support any source file modified has had the first character of its name changed to “c” instead of the default Fabscan’s “f”. 74 more words


[OpenCV/Python] Writing frames to a video

Wanted to write frames from a video to an output video. First I read in the frames and then did some thresholding on it. These frames then become numpy matrices, which I had to convert to IplImage to write to the video writer. 91 more words

ARGOS - Poster Presentation

Introduction to Augmented Reality.

  • Augmented reality is the technology area which superimposes computer generated graphics on users view of the real world.
  • Computer generated graphics can be 2D or 3D.
277 more words