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Smart ObjectRecognition with OpenCV

Smart Object Recognition is a program for testing OpenCV’s feature detectors descriptor extractors and matchers. The user-interface is very simple and intuitive. With OnTouch you can choose the object which should be recognized. 12 more words


Dual Laser Tracking for Human-Computer-Interaction

A new tracking system for a dual laser pointer. Currently the system is optimized for a red and green laser pointer. The system can be used for human computer interaction. 19 more words


Canny Edge Detection in Java

So you don’t really have a decent graphics card, CUDA in C or pyCuda are not options since you don’t have a NVIDIA card, or you just want something completely cross-platform without a large amount of research. 2,181 more words


OpenCV+Python:Part3--Image Gradients

In this post I will explain the application of Gradient or High pass Filters namely Sobel, Scharr and Laplacian

Sobel and Scharr

These perform Gaussian smoothing and differentiation operation and hence provides resistance against noise. 405 more words


OpenCV: Could not find a writer error


I had this line of code in a program that uses OpenCV to write an image buffer to a PNG file:

cv::imwrite("foo.png", foo_mat);

I was using Visual Studio 2013 to compile and run this file. 167 more words

OpenCV+Python:Part3--Smoothing Images

In this post I will explain the low pass filters available in OpenCV. A low pass filter or an LPF is basically used in reducing the noise and/or blurring the image. 539 more words


How to build OpenCV with OpenNI on Windows

This does not seem to be possible currently. OpenCV only has support for OpenNI 1.2.x and Primesense sensor modules. But, OpenNI 2.x is available now. 18 more words