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opencv optimization

bool opt_status = cv::useOptimized();
cout<<"current optimizationļ¼š"<<opt_status<<endl;
volatile bool simd = checkHardwareSupport(CV_CPU_SSE);
cout<<"HardwareSupport(CV_CPU_SSE): "<<simd<<endl;
simd = checkHardwareSupport(CV_CPU_MMX);
cout<<"HardwareSupport(CV_CPU_MMX): "<<simd<<endl;
simd = checkHardwareSupport(CV_CPU_SSE2);
cout<<"HardwareSupport(CV_CPU_SSE2): "<<simd<<endl;
simd = checkHardwareSupport(CV_CPU_SSE3); 115 more words


Installing OpenCV 2.4.9 in Linux

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