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Pano update

Quick update, got the mosaics working. It definitely takes a lot more time to run the script, but it looks pretty good. Up next is either the image blending or the equirectangular projection. 19 more words

opencv Panoramic images

Well I got back home from uni on Sunday, and I’ve been busy working on continuing my computer vision class projects. The one I’ve currently been working on is to create panoramic images. 300 more words

Feature Matching in Android

The feature matching algorithm in this tutorial is in JAVA with OpenCV4Android.

My purpose of writing the code is to find the perspective transformation between a pattern and an object in a scene. 422 more words


Camshift on Windows 7

Arkwood, my debased Belgian buddy, is gunning for a world record at retro computer game Pac-Man. In my previous post, Camshift on Raspberry Pi, I wrote some Python code to help him track the green ghost during gameplay. 927 more words


Real-time barcode detection in video with Python and OpenCV

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Today’s post is a followup to a previous (extremely popular) article on detecting barcodes in images using Python and OpenCV.

In the previous post we explored how to detect and find barcodes in images. 14 more words


Camshift on Raspberry Pi

Arkwood has been, by hook or by crook, trying to get the world record at a retro computer game. I built a co-pilot to help him play Donkey Kong. 911 more words