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Channel order in OpenCV

Sometimes, you may need to access the memory of a cv::Mat or an IplImage directly. If the image contains M channels, then it becomes important to know how the pixels of these M channels are stored in the image memory. 60 more words

Where is the Cloud Computing bus going?

Technological innovation patterns have often repeated themselves in history. So it is with Cloud Computing. Familiar patterns of change seem to emerge today

Here are some of main trends that I see in Cloud Computing… 881 more words

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Install cvBlob on Raspberry Pi

cvBlob is a library for computer vision to detect connected regions in binary digital images. cvBlob performs connected component analysis and features extraction.
Before you start to install cvBlob, you must ensure… 206 more words

Raspberry Pi

Using OpenCV for Simple Object Detection

My current project is to build a bot for the “Blue Block Challenge”. The goal is to create an autonomous robot that can move about a table, without falling off, find a blue colored block and move it onto a red colored disc, which is somewhere else on the table. 1,933 more words


Instalando OpenCV 2.4.9 em Linux

Este tutorial é para auxiliar a todos na instalação do OpenCV em quaisquer distros Linux.

Pacotes requeridos:

Using OpenCV 3.0.0alpha with CMake in Windows 7

Hi all,
I was just curious about how much effort would take to download, install and try the OpenCV 3.0.0alpha version that has been around for a little while ( 413 more words

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