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Computer Graphics (IS F311)

IS F311, an optional course (or elective as we call it) on introductory Computer Graphics, which I took in my last semester on campus at BITS Goa.  341 more words


New Update to Xtra Screen Hacks

It’s been quite a while since I added anything new to my collection of screen demos. There are no useable new hacks yet, but the new color cycling maps for the versatile Psychedelic hack are just as good. 60 more words

Introduction to OpenGL Programming@SIGGRAPH '13

One of the most extensive and complete introduction tutorials out there.A video lecture of more than 3 hours duration by Edward Angel from the University of New Mexico and Dave Shreiner whose background lists ARM,Khronos Group(responsible for OpenGL’s specification) and SIGGRAPH.Topics include the graphics pipeline,its stages,GLSL and the various shaders and how to build a rotating cube application with textures etc. 26 more words

Interesting Article

nvidia 347.09 notebook driver add support for OpenGL 4.5

finally, nvidia’s new driver — 347.09 added support for OpenGL 4.5.

usually nvidia’s desktop driver will support new OpenGL standard pretty fast after the specification release(like a few weeks after), but for notebook users you’ll need to wait for quite some time(several months). 24 more words


Complex Meso-Level mixed with Lightweight Macro-Level Terrain Techniques

After a couple months of development here are the results of Declan Russell and my work.  Paper can be accessed here.


Upcoming changes to next version

Hey everyone i would like to tell you all about the new updates coming in the next version of the window management API.

These new features include: 216 more words