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Realistic Water in OpenGL and GLSL

After working on the “fly-over simulation“, I wanted to work on making the water look more realistic. In that project, the water was a plane made of many triangles, and the vertex shader used a sine and cosine function to adjust the Y value of the vertex positions, with the fragment shader only texturing it with a tileable water texture. 890 more words

Fragment Shader

Brotens intros new Mac-only lighting CAD software 'Illuminando'

“An Italian software developer has introduced a brand new program called Illuminando, noted as the world’s most advanced lighting calculation program — built uniquely on OS X,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh. 113 more words


Implementing 2.5D culling for tiled deferred rendering (in OpenCL)


In this post I’ll cover how to add 2.5D light culling to an existing tile based deferred shading solution in OpenCL.


2.5D light culling is a method for improving tiled deferred shading performance (when parts of the scene are overlapping) by dividing up the depth interval into several parts. 672 more words

Quads, many Quads!

So, last time, we learned how to draw a simple triangle to the screen. That’s the most basic thing you can draw – so let’s step it up a notch (and a side), and draw a SQUARE. 1,037 more words


Computer Graphics Mini Project.

Hello Everyone..

As I am in 6th semester of computer science engineering under VTU, I have to prepare and submit a mini-project on the things I learn from computer graphics theory subject. 604 more words

6th Semester

IK Solver Part 2

It’s about time for an update on this project.

This project has kinda of snuck by, slowly developing in the background from my previous ramble about different algorithms and approaches to a system that is actually beginning to take shape! 386 more words

MSc Computer Animation & Visual Effects


So, last time we managed to create an amazing blank window. Today, we’re going to make it a bit more interesting by using OpenGL to draw a triangle on it! 1,490 more words