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Simple Asteroids game in OpenGL: Scheme

Hi there! I’m currently working on an asteroids game for my Graphics and animation class. In this class we use openGL to draw and animate shapes around the screen. 320 more words


The Beginning of a Physics Engine

Hello I am back again to post game development stuff. Although I have been away for awhile I have been working, lately I started to develop a physics engine in 3D in the language C++ and the API SDL2 and OpenGL which is used for graphics. 431 more words


Movimiento de un cubo con OpenGL

Por un curso que estoy llevando en la Universidad, tuve que leer un tutorial sobre OpenGL: http://www.tomdalling.com/blog/category/modern-opengl/

Me gustó bastante, por eso les comparto un Vine del movimiento de un cubo con OpenGL: 9 more words


Deferred Shading/Rendering Basics [OpenGL 4.2]

Deferred Shading is a pretty simple concept, you defer the shading of an object till the postprocess stage (commonly).

In the first stage, when rendering your surfaces, instead of deciding what they look like, you bake their data into a set of textures that hold all the relevant data, such as their diffuse color, surface normals, etc… and these will decide what their final color will be. 1,834 more words

Android L Preview - Overview 2

Continuing with my previous post Android L Preview – Overview 1, this post is related to other modifications; such as Graphics, Media, Camera etc; introduced in Android L. 713 more words

Android 5

DirectX, OpenGL, Beginning 2d game design. Help me choose whats right for me?

Please allow me to give you a little bit of my background.

I am a budding programmer in college. I absolutely LOVE programming, its great and the problem solving rocks my socks. 148 more words


Beginning Scene Kit Tutorial

Beginning Scene Kit Tutorial

Learn about the new Scene Kit API in iOS 8!

This is an abbreviated version of a chapter from iOS 8 by Tutorials… 186 more words