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Implementation of Crystal Ball Interface in OpenGL

A classic crystal ball interface simulates a world in which the viewer is glued to the outside of a transparent sphere, looking in. The sphere is centered at the origin, and that is the direction towards which your eye is always pointing. 349 more words


Dynamic GUI in OpenGL 3.x/4.x with VBOs and Streaming

I’ve spent the last couple of days looking for good solutions to implement a complex and dynamic GUI in OpenGL version 3.3 and upwards. I came across a few ways of approaching this issue and I would like to discuss why I eventually settled for a mapped dynamic/stream buffer. 1,050 more words


Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux release for Linux at a 50% discount

4A Games and Deep Silver have finally #released the #dedicated Linux #versions of Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux on Steam today, and in celebration, fans can snatch the award-winning titles for  249 more words

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How to upgrade Mesa/OpenGL on openSUSE


I’ve been running Mesa 10.3.3 with my Radeon R7 260x for the past few months and I’ve been pretty happy with it’s performance but with Mesa 10.4 coming out this month, I wanted to give the development branches of Mesa a try. 193 more words


Geometry Clipmapping

To continue with my terrain generation project, I began looking into level of detail techniques used to allow larger, even infinite in some cases, scenes to be generated.   383 more words


Procedural Ivy and Vine Generation

For my MPC master class, I decided to undertake procedural plant generations for use with vines, ivy ets.  The specification for this project was to develop a system which can be used to generate plant life that would wrap or climb its way up an imported mesh, for example a tree. 419 more words


Master Class: Laplacian Mesh Editing - Update 1

So to start here is a bit of back story. Our university (Bournemouth) has partnered up with MPC to give us some R&D assignments for our master class which they will judge and give feed back at the end of the project. 436 more words

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