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Let's talk about eglMakeCurrent, eglSwapBuffers, glFlush, glFinish

I have been interested in OpenGL for years and today I want to share some of my experience.

First of all, do you remember the function eglMakeCurrent, its prototype is: 970 more words

Minecraft Graphics Glitch

It appears I’ve fallen into some sort of wormhole, note the ranbow-like coloration of the walls ahead, its all very timey whimey.


GLSL 1.2 Tutorial - Communication OpenGL -> Shaders

这是1.2v的最后一篇,余下的教程是几种shader的示例展示,过久的版本没有回滚实现的意义.所以转去翻译其他部分.比如GLSL core part.

An application in OpenGL has several ways of communicating with the shaders. Note that this is a one way communication though, since the only output from a shader is to render to some targets, usually the color and depth buffers. 4,403 more words


GLSL 1.2 Tutorial - Setup

OpenGL Setup for GLSL

This section, OpenGL Setup for GLSL, assumes you’ve got a pair of shaders, a vertex shader and a fragment shader, and you want to use them in an OpenGL application. 2,752 more words


GSLS 1.2 Tutorial – Pipeline Overview

     http://www.lighthouse3d.com/ 是非常好的一个学习opengl的网站,我会陆续翻译其中很受好评的几个系列教程.权当笔记.

     每篇文章首先是英文原版,随后跟上翻译文章,如果有翻译不到位的地方请参考原文理解! 有些文章已经有翻译了就直接借鉴并修改了.比如旧版的教程.

    系列tags为:GSLS ; OPENGL.

    The following figure is a (very) simplified diagram of the pipeline stages and the data that travels amongst them. 1,320 more words


Developing a simple game I: The beginning

Hi again, folks. Today, we are going to introduce us in the awesome world of the programming. Well, maybe it is not an “awesome” world, but it is quite interesting. 1,079 more words

OculusVR SDK and simple oculus rift DK2 / OpenGL test program

I’ve been hacking with my new Oculus Rift DK2 on and off for the past couple of weeks now. I won’t go into how awesome it is, or how VR is going to change the world, and save the universe or whatever; everybody who cares, knows everything about it by now. 1,097 more words