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Picking a Project

Allow me to introduce Gateway.

Set in a future where the destruction of Earth and the colonization of space are fading images of the past, humanity has spread throughout a galaxy for which they are not prepared.

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Game Dev

Terrain Generation Collaborative Research Project - Update 2: Thermal Erosion & Data Structures

When thinking about generating terrain we must first think about how we are going to store our data to represent it. This is a very crucial aspect as depending on the method you use to represent this data will have a direct effect on what kind of terrain you can generate and how large your data structure will be. 515 more words


iOS 8 Metal Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started

In iOS 8, Apple released a new API for GPU-accelerated 3D graphics called Metal.

Metal is similar to OpenGL ES, in that it is a low-level API for interacting with 3D graphics hardware. 225 more words


Android: Save Significant Memory on Android OpenGL textures, by careful bitmap Tiling

In any Image Viewer app, loading bitmaps and then uploading textures based on tiled bitmaps, can save huge tune to >16 MB based on Device density and screen sizes, So a significant save on over all process PSS size, thus keeping over all system on high throughput, hence may avoid lowmemory conditions which indirectly saves Battery(less CPU cycles) life and better performance. 211 more words


Data Visualizer #2

So yesterday marked the start of teaching week 8. According to my plan I should have implemented most if not all of the basic functions of the application. 146 more words

How To Make a Letter / Word Game with UIKit: Part 1/3

How To Make a Letter / Word Game with UIKit: Part 1/3

Are you a seasoned iOS developer who is thinking of creating an iOS game, but have no experience programming games? 155 more words


Improved text rendering

Some time ago I talked about how Signed Distance Fields can greatly improve text rendering, but I noticed that my implementation was suffering from several visual artifacts. 117 more words