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How to open a bank account in Germany when you don't have a job.

Since, I come from the ‘land down under’ (also know as Australia), where everything is ‘easy peasy’ I thought I could just walk to a bank and open an account on the spot. 116 more words

Opening Planning - Lighting and Visual Design

When considering the lighting and visual design of our production, several specific variables need to be checked and considered.

Time of day, for example, needs to be crucially monitored, in order to maintain a sense of continuity and atmosphere equally, otherwise, a significant break in the viewer’s immersion and acknowledgment of the plot as depicted. 78 more words


Opening Planning - Cast and Crew


(Template from Wikipedia, The Poor Man’s Encyclopaedia)

  • Directors – Oliver James Cooke and Jay Kaye
  • Screenwriter – Oliver James Cooke…
  • 66 more words

-Magic Kaito 1412 Opening - - (Music/OP/End/ETC) - -Mark's Blog-

Since I really like watching Magic Kaito 1412, why not post there OP ( Also Because, I’m a lazy blogger). Hope you guys enjoy.

Magic Kaito 1412 Opening: 23 more words

Opening Planning - Storyboard & Animatic

As I don’t have time to cover this, given that our shooting period takes place in just a couple of days, Oliver did a very in-depth and detailed blog post on the use of story boards in our production. 52 more words


Opening Planning - Location shooting

Searching around the local areas for potential filming locations, we think we have discovered several places that will be instrumental in providing a piece of media that is successful. 220 more words